Holiday 2011 Gift Guide: Your Dorky Brother

He's managed to hook up every electrical device in his apartment to his computer, he can fix yours in under a minute, and, yes, somehow this is cool nowadays. Here's what to get your tech-geek brother.

Holiday 2011 Gift Guide: Your Tech-Geek Brother

Top row:
When his skateboard is his main mode of transportation, you can at least make sure it's stylish, with this deck designed by Liz Goldwyn.  Liz Goldwyn Limited Edition Skateboard Deck, $200

Sadly, these Lucha key covers are sold out on CB2's website, but hopefully you can find them in stores—and hopefully your bro will no longer confuse the top lock with the bottom! lucha key toppers, set of two , $5.95

If your brother is a true hipster-geek, chances are he rides a fixie. Not that there's anything wrong with that, or this book.  "42x12: the cult of fixed", $30

Middle row:
Rob Pruitt's Mickey Mouse tee subverts the classic, making your bro look both lovable and smart-alecky. Rob Pruitt You Are Mickey Tee, $100

He's never met Star Wars-themed merchandise he hasn't liked, which means he should love one of these alarm clocks. Lego Star Wars Mini-Figure Alarm Clock, $44

File under things I can't explain: Why guys think ray guns are so cool. Brace yourself for the onslaught of Facebook photos of him posing with it. RAY GUN SCULPTURE , $150

Bottom row:
Because he's probably never cleaned his apartment, perhaps this robot is a good idea, at least for his desk (where he spends all his time anyway). Mini Robot Vacuum, $26

One small accessory can do a world of good for his style. This bungee-cord-esque bracelet shouldn't be too much of a stretch.  MIANSAI rope bracelet, $60

Or you can just call a spade a spade with this LED-powered belt buckle (the message can be changed, FYI). LED Belt Buckle, $20

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