Holiday 2011 Gift Guide: Your Aging-Hipster Husband (or Boyfriend)

He never wants to grow up, he loves having facial hair, and he never crosses the East River if he doesn't have to. Here's what to get your Gen X (and proud!) significant other.

Holiday 2011 Gift Guide: Your Brooklyn-Dwelling Husband (or Boyfriend)

Top row:
While wearing designer goods isn't totally his style, this merino wool V-neck sweater undoubtedly is. Bonus cool points for the Goth McQ logo.  McQ by Alexander McQueen V-neck sweater, $113

He thinks coffee-table books are so not his style, but he'll love the trip down memory lane courtesy of this book. the indie rock poster book, $25

He'll never have to use his always-ill-fated open-the-beer-on-the-countertop trick as long as he has this handy iPhone case.  iBottleopener Bottle Opening iPhone Case, $20

Middle row:
While he'd never admit he needs help with such a manly endeavor as growing a mustache, this book should make the process easier (and more fascinating, sigh) for both of you. The Moustache Grower's Guide, $11

Keeping his business cards wrapped in a rubber band in his pocket just isn't cutting it anymore. Upgrade him with this snazzy case. NAMU Stingray Business Card Holder, $110

These socks are made of hemp. Heh heh heh. Happy Socks - Grey with Blue Hemp Recycled Socks, $12

Bottom row:
Playing Angry Birds will be so much cooler (and probably easier on his hands) with this retro iPad cabinet. iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet, $80

Honestly, any guy, from about 5 years to 50, would likely appreciate this epic Star Wars book. May the Force be with you! Star Wars: The Blueprints Limited Edition, $500

True whiskey acolytes know that melting ice waters down their tasty beverage; these ingenious whiskey stones keep his drink cool without altering the taste. WHISKEY STONES GIFT SET, $20

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