Buy It: Mikkat Market Neon Colorblock Tote

This is the time of year when I'm desperately in need of a new bag. It always seems to happen right around Memorial Day, when the weather has warmed up and I'm completely ready for summer mode. All of a sudden I don't want to be carrying something heavy and dark and hardware-laden; I want a colorful, breezy tote bag. The strongest contender I've seen recently is this colorblock tote from Mikkat Market, which is quickly becoming one of my go-to sites for affordable, trend-conscious clothing. At 11" x 15" x 3", it's big enough to cart around the essentials, which for me in summer, tends to include my iPad, a water bottle, sunscreen, and a sweater, in case I get cold in air-conditioning. The inside has a cute striped lining and what looks like three pockets, and, as a nice bonus, there's a top zipper—an amenity not always found in summer totes. But what's really great is that it combines a lighter neutral with a bright neon color, making it both classic and trendy at the same time. Which means it might be passé by the end of the season, but, hey, for a mere $51, I think you'll get more than your money's worth. Also in orange/tan.


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