Buy it: body chains

While I generally consider myself to be a classy lady—and, no, I'm not being ironic—sometimes even I struggle with the fine line between sexy and trashy. An example of this is my navel ring, which I've had since I was 18 (which, um, was a very long time ago) and still have, but apparently everyone else my age has since taken theirs out, because a friend of mine informed me several weeks ago that as long as I have a navel ring, I might as well have a tramp stamp. Yes, that comment stung, but you know what? I, a woman in my mid-thirties, like my navel ring and can make my own choices, and thus I choose to keep my navel ring in, naysayers be damned.

So, I've noticed several starlets like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus—neither of whom are remotely classy ladies, but that's not the point, and I'm not judging, because they both seem like a lot of fun—accessorizing their bikinis with body chains in fine publications like US Weekly (I should know, I have a subscription). I don't think I'd wear body jewelry to the beach—that metal would get really hot in the sun, for one—but I became intrigued with wearing it over, say, a tank top or jeans. It's basically like wearing a big necklace. Then, lo and behold, I saw this post on Style on the Couch, who is the most elegant personal style blogger I know in real life. (She's also lovely, and British.) On her, the body chain is interesting and edgy, but totally approachable—she looks like a cool girl who knows how to accessorize, not a wild child taking bath salts and flashing the paparazzi. (Again, not that that doesn't sound like fun.)

So, I'm going to treat myself to a body chain, probably the Arrow from Nasty Gal, a very affordable $20. I'm going to wear it with a tank dress and a blazer. I'm probably going to get some judgmental stares. But that's okay, because while I may no longer have the body of an 18-year-old, I do have the mind of a thirtysomething, and I'm wise enough not to care what anyone else thinks of me.

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