Buy it: Remington Pearl Styling Wand

When I got my hair done for my wedding last year, the stylist used this magical-looking curling iron that didn't have a clip. In order to hold my hair onto the wand, she had a Kevlar-lined glove on one hand; I might have been suffering from wedding-related delirium, but I found this incredibly cool. I also found, unfortunately, that $150 for a curling iron was a bit much. Fast-forward a year or so when I spotted this Remington Pearl at Target. The glove that comes with it isn't heat-safe, but the iron creates such awesome curls, you won't even care. I have the bigger version, which is 1.5" at the base, tapering to 1" at the tip, but there's also a smaller one that goes from 1" to 0.5," and obviously an added bonus is that the conical shape is like having two different-size curling irons in one. What makes it so perfect is that by not having a clip, your curls don't get all stiff and crunchy, and there's no telltale crimp mark from the clip. It also has an adjustable heat setting, which is key when you have fine, color-treated hair like I do. Lately I've been using it to create beachy waves, a style that camouflages both my summertime frizz and the fact that my stylist cut my hair too short last time. Summer may be almost over, but I think my beachy waves are here to stay.

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