Buy it: Commando Matte Opaque Tights

All of a sudden, it's cold outside. And that means tights. Four long months of tights. Can you sense my excitement? Thankfully, I've discovered a new pair that may not make the months shorter, but will at least make them more bearable. The pair in question is Commando's matte opaque tights, and, seriously, it's a game-changer. The leg is nice and thick, and there's a decent amount of control-top action, but the magic is in the waistband. Most tights have a vertical seam that bisects your midsection in a not-so-flattering manner, plus a thick ribbed waistband that, no matter how thin you are, cuts into your skin and creates a tourniquet effect where you least need it. Commando's waistband, on the other hand, features the same seamless effect as their undies (read about 'em in my post on boy shorts): It's actually a wide band that lies perfectly flat and smooth, and it adjusts to fit your body, much like the waistband on maternity pants. Which, come to think of it, also comes in handy this time of year. Tights that let you eat whatever you want? I'll take one in every color.

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