Panty party: My 5 favorite boyshorts

That's right, I'm talking about underwear. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I will share this with you: I hate thongs. I wear them to the gym under my Lululemon, but that's it. Unfortunately, I also like to wear tight pants in real life, which leaves me with quite the conundrum: Wear a thong and be uncomfortable all day, or wear normal underwear that bisects my ass with unseemly panty lines. Thankfully, there is a third option, and that is boyshorts. Now, not all boyshorts are created equal: Some ride up, some do not fully cover the cheeks, some get bunchy, some droop. But the five styles here are tried and true, tested and loved by my own bubble butt*.

1. Gap's sexy lace girl shorts have been a longtime favorite of mine (I cited them in this interview)—they're easy to find, affordable (and often on sale on top of that), very comfortable, and they stay put. My only quibble is that the elastic gives out after awhile, so you have to replace them every so often.

2. Of course, Gap's version owes a hefty debt to Hanky Panky's lace boyshorts, which, if you ask me, are even better than their famous thongs and come in nearly every color under the rainbow, and then some. They are $28 a pair, however, so I always stock up at the yearly sample sale, where they are usually less than half price. (And good news: It starts next week.)

3. As someone who never fails to treat herself to life's luxuries, I feel there are few things in this world nicer than silk panties. They are extravagant—prices can run over $100, and you have to wash them by hand—but put a pair on and you will glide through the day without a care in the world. My favorite silk boyshorts are by Brulee: I have two pairs of the boudoir shorts, pictured here, which feel like—if I may get a little 50 Shades of Grey here—a lover gently caressing your loins, but work best under more voluminous skirts. For more formfitting bottoms, I suggest the mesh and silk styles here.

4. Commando's Better Than Nothing Girl Shorts have the distinct honor of being the panties I wore under my wedding gown, which was a clingy double-faced silk charmeuse. You could not see a thing, and in fact this style is so, well, like going commando, it's what I wear under my most snug-fitting pants and bandage skirts. These run large; I advise opting for the smaller size if you're a size 6 or below.

5. On Gossamer's boyshorts are a fairly recent discovery; I bought a pair on a whim and have since bought about five or six more. The mesh fabric is really breathable (fantastic in the summer) and hugs your body snugly; the thicker trim keeps everything in place but manages to be undetectable under thin fabrics. I also love the bright color combinations and prints (I own the "City Lights" style pictured here)—as an old friend used to say, it's underwear that's fun to wear. Which definitely counts for something.

*One of my favorite stories about my butt: When I was getting a bra fitting with Linda the Bra Lady, she asked if I wanted the matching panty to go with my bra. I said yes, and she said, "Size small?" Then she leaned down, looked at my rear end, and corrected herself, "Medium."

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