In These Shoes: Studded Ballet Flats

So maybe I'm not immune to trying new things in the new year after all; last week, I bought a pair of flats. That's right, flats! I stopped by Topshop to check out the sale selection (with the ridiculous exchange rate they charge, I refuse to pay full price for anything there) and walked out with this pair of studded blush ballet flats for $20. Yep, I said $20. No, I will not shut up! Even better, they're from the Office in-store boutique, so they're real leather from Spain, unlike many of Topshop's house-label shoes, like the similar but inferior (read: synthetic) Mine flats. Unfortunately, the shoes aren't available online; this studded quilted pair from  Office is similar, but the wrong color and not at all on sale (plus—oof—£25 for shipping). The closest I could find are the Mantsopa flats from Aldo, a chic quilted style with round gold studs at the toe cap (they're also available in all black or camel with a black toe). They're synthetic (boo) but just $50, a bargain (yay!).  I might just buy another pair—who knows, maybe in 2013, flats are the new platforms!