Under $30: Forever 21 has serious accessory game

A few weeks ago, I was wearing the gold ring pictured below and someone asked me if it was a family heirloom. "If you can buy family heirlooms at Forever 21, then yes," I said. She then brought over two more women, all of whom marveled at my $5.80 ring. I felt like a rockstar. I could take or leave most of the clothes, but when it comes to accessories, Forever 21 is killing it. Rhinestones! Studs! Neon! You can walk in there with $50 and leave with a bunch of awesomeness; in fact, you could walk away with everything pictured here for less than $75. One caveat: At these prices, just don't actually expect any of this stuff to make it to heirloom-hood.

Clockwise from top left:

Winged ring, $5.80

Studded bow bracelet, $6.80

Rhinestone necklace, $12.80

Studded belt, $4.80

Ombre scarf, $10.80

Neon-strap platform sandals, $26.80

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