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At the risk of sounding like Oprah, I've been trying to manifest lately, which basically means making something happen by wanting it really, really badly. While it's somewhat of an inexact science, I've found I can manifest certain things more easily than others. Case in point, I was lamenting a few weeks ago how hard it is to find a good pair of skinny jeans when, like a beacon from the gods, Levi's sent me a new pair of its Revel jeans. (Now if only I could manifest a winning lottery ticket!) I am normally a little skeptical of jeans specifically geared toward one's body type (Revel utilizes Levi's Curve ID technology; I'm a "demi curve," per their online quiz), but Levi's has been making jeans for 150 years, so I generally trust them to do their thing. Which in this case, was make an incredibly awesome pair of skinny jeans.

Ok, here are my legs in my new Revel jeans. If my legs could smile, they'd totally be doing it right now. They're happy because these jeans are supersoft but substantial—one of my least favorite things in this world is denim that's too flimsy and lightweight. They're stretchy, but they manage to hold their shape without sagging. They're also constructed to shape your body and lengthen your legs, and I don't know exactly how it works, but believe me, it does. In a world where skinny jeans tend to be not really skinny (too straight!) or way too skinny (sausage-casing tight!), Levi's Revel jeans are, as Goldilocks would say, just right. 

Let's look at the rest of my outfit, shall we?

I was asked to put together a work-appropriate outfit that makes me feel confident, and while I work in an office where jeans are permitted on Fridays, I am also upper management at said office, so when I wear jeans to work, I try to look as professional as possible. Everything I'm wearing here is pretty much a no-brainer, but that's what makes it so confidence-building—I know all these pieces look awesome together, so I can focus on my job, not whether I look pulled-together enough in my outfit. Side note: I try to keep my day job as separate as possible from Cheryl Shops, so this is me at work as a blogger. While blogging, I always sit in as leg-lengthening a position as possible! (Just kidding, I am usually on the couch in a "Delta Zeta Rush 1997" T-shirt and old athletic shorts, but a girl can dream, can't she?)

Get my look:
Jacket (similar style)
And of course, jeans

And while the main components of my work-friendly outfit are rather classic, I love to show that I'm a fashion blogger by wearing a lot of accessories—at least three bracelets, three necklaces, and a fierce pair of leopard-print pumps (which, with a low heel and closed pointy toe, are still work appropriate). Closeups, for your pleasure.

I'm creative because I wear bracelets! Left to right: link bracelet, string bracelet (similar), spike bracelet (similar), nail ring (similar)

Three of my favorite necklaces, from dainty to statement-making. Top to bottom: arrow pendant, cluster pendant (similar), bar pendant

If you ask me, leopard is a neutral. Leopard pumps (similar)

So in case you hadn't noticed, in nearly 10 years of blogging, this was my first-ever outfit post. It was so much fun, I'm totally going to do it again. Look for another upcoming post on Levi's Revel soon! 

The Levi's® women's design team was inspired by a woman's desire for jeans that enhance her shape and highlight her best features without sacrificing comfort. After years of development and hundreds of fittings around the globe, the Levi's® team is proud to introduce Levi's® REVEL, a line of jeans designed to shape, enhance and create a sense of confidence. Wear them. Be transformed. Feel amazing.    

 Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Levi’s via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Levi’s.


Jeni Q. said...

Those Revel jeans look fab with the leopard print heels! Loved your write-up, and I linked it to my own :) Hope that's ok!

Anonymous said...

Unexpectedly found your post when looking up the Levi's Revel jeans. Not only was I happy to find that the jeans are living up to their hype (and I loved your outfit), but was "tickled pink" that you're apparently a DZ, too! (Fall '91!) All the best to you! :-) Kathryn

hier said...

I'm absolutely fascinated from wearing this jeans! Congrats to Levis!

jade said...

(Now if only I could manifest a winning lottery ticket!) I am normally a little skeptical of jeans specifically geared toward one's body type (Revel utilizes Levi's Curve ID technology; BoBoCo