Greetings from San Francisco (and a Fashion Week update)

So, a little news on the personal front...I've moved to San Francisco!

This is the view from my company cafeteria. Terrible, isn't it?

A bit unexpected, perhaps, but it was something that I had been thinking about for awhile, and then I received an offer I couldn't refuse, so here I am! By day, I'll be working for, ahem, a major apparel retailer that's headquartered out here, but by night, I will continue to blog here at Cheryl Shops. Next month marks my 10th anniversary—yes, I've been blogging for TEN YEARS—so I have all sorts of exciting things planned in the coming weeks. I am also looking forward to exploring and shopping in a new city, but I promise I will continue to do so in my platform shoes.

Speaking of stepping into one's shoes, unfortunately I will not be covering Fashion Week this season, but my trusty friend and photographer Mina Kim is on the scene, so stay tuned for her picturesque dispatches, or follow her on Twitter and/or Instagram in the meantime!

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