New York Fashion Week: Nicholas K

Nicholas K at Studio, Lincoln Center [09.05.13]
It's 9am on the first official day of Fashion Week. Fashionistas are eager, but a lot of them have just flown in and they don't appreciate the early start time. I hovered near my assigned seat until I could find my moment to stride up to the front row and treat myself to an unobstructed view (and gift bag).

Nicholas K's Spring 2014 collection continues in the spirit of their previous seasons - airy pieces with urban hints, like racing straps on pant legs. A number of hippie commune style gowns. Feet were on wedges and wrapped in cloth, sometimes past the knee. Far fewer hoodies than I recall from past shows. And as you can see in the photos, a serious Tiger Lily vibe which drew this adorable front row toddler's attention away from a yummy snack.
More photos from the collection:

As the sister-brother designer team took their bows, their bow-wow ran around and sniffed up the guests. I'm telling you, bringing animals on the runway has been trending hard in 2013.

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