New York Fashion Week: Project Runway, Season 12

Project Runway Season 12 at Theatre, Lincoln Center [09.06.13]

The annual Project Runway show always brings the most over-styled reality TV fans to the live audience population at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Were I not glued to my sweet media riser spot for hours, I would have shot some of the fan getups for you all. My favorite was a man in an all-emerald suit (Pantone 2013!) with fuchsia 3D butterflies tacked all over.
The judges: Heidi + Zac + Nina + Kerry
Guest judge Kerry Washingon (of Scandal)!
As is tradition, yesterday's taping showcased 8 contestants' collections and tried to mask the identities of the finalists. Judging by some of the waterworks during a couple of the contestants' speeches, I have a hunch who may have made it to the final round. My personal favorite collection was Justin LeBlanc's delightfully avant garde line, but I have a feeling Kate Pankoke (the biggest cryer) will win Season 12.
Helen Castillo's frumpy use of the unique material
Alexandria von Bromssen used newspaper as her unique material
Alexandria von Bromssen's collection was hip and marketable, but probably not the winner
Brandon McDonald's loveliest piece, though most of the collection (and his speech) was over-the-top
Justin LeBlanc's collection (my favorite)
Dom Streater's retro collection felt pretty cougar-ish
I'd say this season's collections were on a whole less polished and much more fantastical than last season's. What could have contributed to both was that each contestant had to feature a unique material, and most foolishly chose unwearable plastics the models struggled to walk in. Contestant Alexander Pope focused a lot of effort engineering one showy piece in particular (see below).

Random notes: Kerry Washington is gorgeous. Also, I think Alyssa Milano was in the crowd, somewhere. Is she actively working these days?

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Unknown said...

Alyssa Milano, to answer, your question, will be hosting "PR All-Stars" starting 10/24. I like Justin's designs, too. But the lack of color hurt him. Dom's textiles are what made her a winner. The ability to create prints is a huge plus in the fashion industry.