12 Days of Christmas Gifts, Day Five: Corkcicle

Three months in San Francisco and I've become a total wine snob. Words like "varietal" and "estate" have crept into my vocabulary, and I'm actually considering investing in a wine fridge to keep my babies, er, my collection temperature controlled. Speaking of temperature, I've come to realize what an important role this plays in wine drinking; I've learned that lighter reds (like pinot noirs) are supposed to be served a tiny bit chilled (i.e. straight from the cellar) and that many wines, white or red, can go bad if they overheat. Lest you commit a faux pas while drinking with fellow connoisseurs, there's the Corkcicle. Keep this genius BPA-free device in your freezer, then pop it into the next bottle of wine you open--it lowers reds to the perfect drinking temperature and keeps whites chilled even in summer or at the longest dinner party ever (or during San Franciscans' favorite activity, picnicking). It's reusable, easily transportable, and a mere $25. Friends of mine who drink wine (which, um, is like all of you), you can pretty much expect to receive one of these from me this year. In vino veritas! 

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