12 Days of Christmas Gifts, Day Seven: Pamela Barsky Pouches

Sometimes you need to buy gifts in bulk or for a workplace grab bag or for someone who unexpectedly buys you a gift, so you need one for them at the ready. For all of those potentially awkward situations, I suggest Pamela Barsky's witty zippered pouches. They're on Etsy, they're under $20, and they're easy and fun. They're also quite practical--you can use them for makeup, pens, receipts, or whatever. For the glamourpuss, there's the mascara pouch; for the worrier, there's the important things bag; for the locavore, there's a not-made-in-China pouch; there's even a dude pouch for, well, dudes. Good news for New Yorkers who still have shopping to do: You can purchase these (and many other) designs at the Artists & Fleas pop-up shop at Chelsea Market now through the end of the year. And while you're at it, last-minute shoppers, here's a pouch for you.

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