12 Days of Christmas Gifts, Day Two: J.Crew Pajamas

Of the many things I hate about winter, perhaps the worst is forced-steam heat, otherwise known as radiator heat, which most buildings in New York City have the misfortune of using. Not only is it loud and clanging, but it manages to turn your apartment into a sweatbox, drying out your hair and skin and making it next to impossible to sleep. Here in San Francisco, however, I am in full control of my heat--it's a strip along my bedroom wall that I can turn on and off as I wish--and because I'm enjoying the eternal Good Sleeping Weather here, I have yet to actually use it. (I might the next few nights, however, as it's supposed to dip into the 30s, which is causing everyone here to FREAK OUT, as they tend to do when the weather is anything but 65 degrees and partly sunny.) I sleep on top of a featherbed, underneath a down comforter, and I'm as happy as a clam...except I'm maybe a little bit cold. I think what will rectify this situation is a pair of old-school pajamas--a button-down top and a drawstring bottom. I've been scoping them out, and so far my favorites are at J.Crew: the vintage pajama set for her or the slim cotton poplin pajama set for him. Both are clean and simple with contrast piping and supersoft fabric; most importantly, if you order by 12/13, you can get them monogrammed for just $10 (and you all know how I feel about slapping one's initials on stuff). But the best thing about old-school pajamas is that they can work for so many people--I can picture these on everyone from my dad to my best friend. And maybe on myself--one for you, one for me, right?

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