Holiday 2017 gift guide: gifts for guys

Because Black Friday is coming (!!!), here's a special Monday installment of my holiday 2017 gift guide. Next up, gifts for the men in our lives: brothers, fathers, boyfriends, sons, friends, cousins...some gadgets, some knickknacks, and some clothes and accessories. So let's cross some more people off your list.

1. This cooler is half the price of those big, brightly colored plastic ones, and while it might not keep things as cold, it does hold 36 cans of beer, comes with a rust-proof bottle opener, and is much lighter—and thus perfect for camping.
Barebones living explorer cooler $100

2. This book won the Pulitzer, a National Book Award, and countless others, and was endorsed by Oprah, and even though it takes place during the civil war, its themes are just as topical now.
The Underground Railroad $16.39

3. Have you traveled with a man recently? Have you also been amazed by the number of cords he carries with him? This handy contraption will keep his various USBs, chargers, and connectors organized.
Travel cord roll $20

4. This doormat just makes me laugh. It's the perfect combination of adulting and adolescent, and great for the guy who's not quite grown up.
Reed Wilson SUP doormat $50 (back in stock 12/1)

5. A better way to share YouTube videos and the like, this handy device turns his phone into a projector, so you don't have to hover over his shoulder to see the latest sleeping otters clip. 

6. There are so many streetwear labels, I can't keep up with them, but Barneys has an exclusive collaboration with Stone Island, and their stuff looks pretty cool to me—this digital-print sweatshirt could work for guys with lots of different styles. 
Stone Island digital camouflage sweatshirt $260

7. Similar to the doormat above, this dinosaur succulent planter made me laugh. You could give it to a preteen or a grandpa (or any age in between), and they'd all get a kick of it.
T-Rex planter $34

8. Everlane is kind of like this generation's Gap—it has well-made, well-priced basics that everyone loves, and thus it's a great go-to for gifts. Their cashmere is really good quality for the price, and the range of colors means you should be able to find just the right one.
Everlane cashmere scarf $88

9. Pretty much every man who works in tech in San Francisco (and especially Silicon Valley) has these shoes. They are reportedly breathable, quite comfortable, and surprisingly cool-looking, especially for an industry that tends to downplay style. This time, the popular vote wins.
Allbirds wool runners $95

Coming later this week, gifts for the ladies in your life—stay tuned!

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