Holiday 2017 gift guide: gifts for women

Ready to shop some more? Did I even need to ask that question? Black Friday sales are in full effect, and now the fun really begins. I love shopping for women—it's kind of both immediate and delayed gratification. Here are my top picks for your mom, your sister, your bestie, your girlfriend, or any of the women in your life. 

1. Cuyana makes the most quietly beautiful leather goods, and even better, they're incredibly well priced. This is pretty much the perfect bag, and it comes in three colors, as well as a larger size.
Cuyana smal hobo $195

2. Gap makes this sweater every year, and sales from it are probably propping up the company year-round, but, hey, if it works, it works.
Gap crazy stripe sweater $34.95 (on sale!)

3. Think of this as the new stress ball—moving your hand back and forth to change the pattern of the sequins is incredibly mesmerizing and calming. Also, it's just a darn glamorous pillow.
Levtex sequin pillow $39.99

4. Bite Beauty's lipsticks are made of food-grade ingredients, which is a good thing, considering you actually swallow most of the lipstick you put on. I am a huge fan of the deeply pigmented hues, too.
Bite Beauty perfect bite set $25

5. Pretty much every cool girl I've seen recently has been wearing a pair of sculptural metal statement earrings like these. Bonus: they look great on women of all ages.
Madewell sculpture earrings $25.50 (on sale!)

6. Who doesn't love athleisure? These leggings will make her the best-dressed woman at barre class (and even afterward at brunch).
EXP Core watercolor leggings $34.95 (on sale!)

7. The older I get, the more I'm learning the power of good lighting. This iPhone case ensures every selfie (or conventional photo) will be shot in flattering light.
Lumee iPhone case $69.95

8. Do you have a friend with a pricey kombucha habit? (I'm talking $7 a bottle, or more, people. The struggle is real.) This will let her brew her own, minus the random yeast globs.
Kombucha brewing kit $48.95

9. These boots were probably not made for walking, but they are made for dancing—and they're a tenth of the price of those YSL runway beauties.
Shellys London sequin boots $228

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and an even happier Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! I'll be back next week with more gift guides!


Unknown said...

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Straight A Style said...

Love that striped sweater!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style