How to shop my looks

Hello, readers! I'm on vacation in Hawaii (!!!) this week, so unfortunately, there's no fresh outfit post. But, I just wanted to draw you attention to a special feature of my website that you may not have noticed (especially those who subscribe via email). Along the top nav, there's a link called SHOP. It looks like this:

And when you're there, you can shop all of my outfits directly! The landing page looks like this:

To shop a look, click on the image. Then it looks like this:

I note when I'm linking to the exact items I'm wearing—these are labeled with "exact item"—and everything else is a close approximation (usually because what I'm wearing is no longer available online). All you have to do is click on the item you want, and you'll go directly to it. As with most of my posts, this page contains affiliate links, meaning I may receive payment if you click through and/or make a purchase—this allows me to continue bringing you inspiring, helpful content, so thank you for your support!

I'll be back next week with brand-new posts, but in the meantime, please follow my adventures on Instagram if you don't already!

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Patti said...

looks like heaven! Your vacation look is lovely, and thanks for linking up,