Last-minute gifts that aren't gift cards

When it comes to last-minute gifts, I have nothing against a carefully selected gift card from a place the recipient actually likes to shop, but let's face it, nothing says "I almost forgot to get you something" like an Amazon gift card that you bought at the grocery-store checkout line. (And in fact, I'm not one to stop you from shopping there either—here are some of my favorite products on Amazon, most of which can be ordered with express Prime shipping.) But even if you're going to show up with or send an e-gift at the 11th hour, you can at least put a little thought into it. So here are some of my favorite last-minute gifts that aren't gift cards—all can be delivered electronically, too, which should come in handy since we're all staying at home this year, right?

1. Thanks to Birchbox, which has been around for ages, there are a bazillion beauty subscription boxes out there, but only The Clean Beauty Box sticks to products that are cruelty-free and held to an ever higher ingredient standard. Plus, they tend to highlight Black-owned brands, more sustainable practices, and lines you won't find at, ahem, major beauty retailers.
The Clean Beauty Box $68–$251.70

2. If you are as addicted to coffee as I am, you know that the worst thing in the world is waking up and realizing you don't have enough beans for a full cup. Make sure that doesn't happen with BLK & Bold's subscribe and save option (they also have gift cards, but I think a coffee subscription is the gift that keeps on giving). 

3. What is "wellness" exactly? According to Lunarly, it's plants, candles, intention-setting tools, and general self-care goodies. In other words, things a lot of people tend to not buy for themselves but are curious about (like anything on Goop), hence why this is a great gift for a very specific type of person, e.g. not your uncle who listens to Rush Limbaugh. 
Lunarly box $49.99-$251.94

4. Speaking of wellness, chances are you know someone who will be making fitness their New Year's resolution, and by someone, I mean everyone, because, let's face it, we all let ourselves go during shelter in place. Yoga won't necessarily shed the lbs, but it does wonders for your mental health, and that counts for something. 

5. There has been much to-do about saving small businesses this season (for good reason), although they're not always the most convenient place to find a truly last-minute gift. The adorable store Home/Work in Santa Cruz, CA, however, curates boxes with several personalized themes—adventure, food, home, and, yep, self-care—which you can have delivered up to four times a year. Now that's something worth saving.


Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

I have never done a coffee subscription, but with as cold as it has been that sounds marvelous!


Aidan Brogan said...

Thank you for the last-minute gift ideas!

Shauna Crymble said...

Thank you for the gift guide!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Fun ideas!! I know I don't mind getting gift cards, but when it comes to me giving someone a present? I want to be a bit different or unique! #happynow


Shelbee on the Edge said...

Great ideas, Cheryl. I think subscription boxes are really fun gifts!


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