The best of 2020

I know, it's kind of weird to think of 2020 in terms of "the best" or anything great happening, for that matter, but it wasn't all bad. I actually started the year on a good note, with a trip to NYC for my dear friend's 40th birthday, a long weekend in Healdsburg, and I even spent my birthday in Paris and London. Of course, I've pretty much been stuck at home ever since, but hey, at least I created a lot of content (and based on my traffic, y'all have been reading it). Here's a look back at some of my most viewed, most commented-on, and most loved posts of 2020. 

Most viewed post
Back in February, I decided to give an honest opinion on direct-to-consumer cashmere brands and while it took until fall for it to really gain traction, this was by far and away my most-read post of 2020. I had assumed that most of the traffic was coming from Pinterest, but lo and behold, people have been finding it on good ol' Google. For my fellow bloggers, this is a testament to the power of SEO; and to new readers who've found me through it, welcome! 

Most viewed outfit post
This one surprised me, but apparently y'all were feeling flares or Canadian tuxedos, or both. I really loved this outfit—it was inspired by a Celine runway look—and while flares didn't quite catch on here (thanks to the pandemic, sweatpants have dominated this year), I'm hopeful that 2021 will be their time to shine. 

Most commented-on post
What to wear with zebra print and what to wear while sheltering in place both tied with 14 comments each, but I'm going to give a slight edge to the latter, since it had more pageviews. The fact that I was wearing sweatpants and Uggs in the same outfit was probably a shock to my regular readers, but eight months later I'm still in sweats, so yeah, 2020. 

Most engaged Instagram post
Turns out you guys are really into fisherman sweaters—this post from November is up to 1,025 likes and 23 comments (and counting). It's also a sponsored post, so that's good news for my advertisers ;) 

Most engaged Facebook post
Facebook is not a huge area of focus for me (TBH, I kind of avoid it most of the time) and as I've noted before, I tend to get the most engagement when I post something very personal, because most of my followers are my actual friends and family. So it makes sense that my birthday post from London was my most liked and commented-on of the year. 

Most repinned Pinterest post
Y'all were feeling the aran sweater, because my most-repinned outfit was this camel coat, fisherman sweater, and jeans look. It's a classic look for sure (I was going for Grace Kelly vibes) but the funny part is that while I was comfortable when we were shooting, I thought I looked kind of blobby in the photos. Then again, blobby is how things have been going this year. 

My favorite post 
I'm tempted to say that this post from Paris was my favorite of the year, but it's kind of cheating because the Eiffel Tower steals the show, and while I liked both outfits, neither was my favorite. My housedress, on the other hand, was one of my top buys of 2020, and I wore the hell out of it (same with the Vans sneakers I paired with it). Regular readers will also likely recognize the background—we shoot outside of March all the time because, for whatever reason, the lighting is super flattering during golden hour, plus we live right around the corner. And if staying close to home and wearing a housedress isn't 2020 in a nutshell, then I don't know what is!

Stay tuned for more best of 2020, coming later this week! 


Lovely said...

Wonderful round up! Wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

That was fun to read, Cheryl! I never take the time to check out the statistics of my posts and I really should because that is really kind of fascinating to see those numbers. Thanks so much for sharing and linking with me and for being such a wonderful blogging friend through the years! May 2021 be better for us all.


Mica said...

Such a fun way to look back on the year! I should spent more time on my blog facebook page too....I rarely think about it!

Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Away From Blue

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