What to wear in May

Well, dear readers, it's been a week. I'm not at liberty to discuss exactly what happened or why, but thankfully I am healthy and safe, as are my loved ones, and that's the most important thing. This post almost didn't happen, but by one of many miracles this week, it did, and I'm glad, because I really like this outfit. I realize that it's nearly identical to this one from a few years ago—even down to the accessories—but hey, I like what I like. And since I'm all about listening to my inner lizard brain these days, here's what it told me to wear. 

I'd been avoiding Banana Republic for the last few years due to PTSD from working there, but now that I'm back at Banana's corporate parent—and they've been putting out some super cute things lately—I'm tiptoeing back in. I saw another blogger link to the blue version of this tiered skirt, but I fell in love with the pink and here we are. Of course, mine is now sold out, but there are still a few sizes left in the blue; hopefully Banana will be restocking it. The skirt is a super-soft, lightweight sweater-type material, and it's absolutely perfect for spring. I have narrow hips and frequently have trouble with knit skirts highlighting my lumpiness, but I think this one is super flattering. I'm wearing a size small, and I'd say it's true to size. 

I'm excited that it's finally warm enough to wear my denim jacket, so here's my first outfit of the season featuring it. I like how it creates contrast both in terms of fabric and dressiness, making the skirt seem more casual. As I've noted a gazillion times before, I've had this jacket for years and it's one of the most essential pieces in my closet. At well under $100 (and if you're lucky, under $50 on sale), it's a no-brainer. Gap keeps making this style year after year, and it's well worth the (very small) investment! 

While I've had my denim jacket for years, white shirts only last so long—between spills, sweating, and general wear-and-tear, I end up buying a new one every few years. This year, I went for linen, and I'm hoping it ages a little better than cotton. So far, so good—this one's from H&M's conscious collection, and it's a very reasonable $25, although it's currently sold out in white. My only quibble is that it has a slight boob gap (this happens a lot with button-down shirts for me), but I love the longer length, which covers the derriere and is great for tying. I'm in my usual size small for reference. 

Accessory-wise, it's also my first time busting out my trusty Staud bag and big buckle Arizona Birkenstocks. The former unfortunately lost its shoulder strap toward the end of last summer, but to be honest, I don't miss it—I think it's even cuter without it. I'm very excited to be wearing my Birks again; this has been one of my go-to pairs for the last few summers, and they definitely have at least one more season left in them. Expect to see both at least a few more times before summer ends. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Gap Icon jacket | H&M linen shirt | Banana Republic skirt (also love this one) | Staud Bissett bag (current version) | Birkenstock Arizona sandals (current version)


Lovely said...

I'm glad you are back! I adore this skirt, beautiful colors! Love it with the white shirt.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I adore the skirt and cute bag. I rarely wear my denim jacket, I don't know why, but you've inspired me to get it out! Thanks for linking

Mica said...

What a cute ombre midi skirt! I can see why it's sold out, it's so very cute on you and I like the denim jacket with it! it's great it's warming up for you :)

Hope you are having a good weekend :) Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkUp!

Away From The Blue

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

I love your skirt! It looks great with the denim jacket. I have boob gape problems with a lot of button down shirts too - the ones with extra press studs in between the buttons are brilliant but not many have them. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I hope everything is really really okay, my friend! This skirt is magnificent! I love the texture and the colors. You have styled it perfectly for a cool casual vibe!


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