French pharmacy beauty finds on Amazon (that make amazing gifts)

One of my favorite places on earth is Paris, and one of my favorite things to do there is to raid the pharmacy, particularly Citypharma in the 6th arrondissement. If you are a beauty junkie like me, it's like being a kid in a candy shop—French pharmacy beauty brands tend to be natural (or "clean" as we call them here), effective, and affordable, and while mainstays like Caudalie are easy to find at places like Sephora, some of my favorite brands like Nuxe and Panier des Sens are much harder to track down, particularly in U.S. stores. So in between trips to Europe, I've found that Amazon is actually a great place to score French pharmacy beauty products, since they work with smaller-scale importers and distributors. It's not quite the same experience as a wine-fueled haul in a foreign country, but it's a convenient way to replenish your favorite products. As a bonus, all of the products I'm featuring in this post make great gifts—obviously I'm writing this post during the holidays, but file it away in case you need birthday, anniversary, Mother's day, or even thank-you gift ideas. Here are my favorite French pharmacy beauty finds on Amazon—oh, and did I mention they're all under $30? (They are!)

Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches $24

I am now at the age when I have a subpar night of sleep for whatever reason—alcohol consumption, antsy dog, uncomfortable Airbnb bed—I wake up with bags the size of Louis Vuitton steamer trunks under my eyes. These incredibly soothing little patches aren't miracle-workers, but they at least plump up your skin enough so that you don't look like the Crypt Keeper. 

Leonor Greyl Paris Detangling Comb $18

Of all the beauty brands you can find in French pharmacies, Leonor Greyl is definitely on the high end, however their products all smell amazing, particularly if you like the scent of jasmine. I don't know that I'd ever buy haircare products for another person, with the exception of a nice brush or, in this case, a comb so gorgeously sculptural, it almost looks like a work of art. More importantly, it does a fine job of detangling hair straight out of the shower. 

Panier des Sens Liquid Marseille Soap in Jasmine $18.90

A few years ago, I went to Grasse, which is the perfume capital of the world, and let me tell you, from the organically farmed ingredients to the way the fragrances are extracted, they take their scents very seriously. I am a fan of everything in Panier des Sens' line (I also use their bar soap in the shower), but their Precious Jasmine is my absolute favorite. Washing your hands with this soap feels incredibly luxurious and the scent alone will transport you to Provence.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse $27.75

I've previously featured this product in an Amazon beauty roundup, but it's so good, I'm including it here too. I always buy the biggest bottle of this I can find at the French pharmacy; it basically saves my skin during the cold winter months. You can use it on your face and hair too (I've found it works well to smooth scraggly split ends), and not only does it smell amazing, it looks glamorous on your vanity, which makes it an excellent gift. 

Caudalie Moisturizing Hand and Lip Duo $12

A great stocking stuffer, this duo features a hand cream and lip balm, which, if you ask me, is one of Caudalie's most underrated products—it's moisturizing without being thick or waxy, and lipstick goes on super smooth over it. The hand cream is the perfect size for stashing in your purse, and both products are loaded with grape polyphenols, which make them rich in antioxidants, just like you after drinking a glass or three of Bordeaux ;) 


Lovely said...

The multi-purpose oil sounds great!

Laura B said...

These all sound really good, especially that comb! I love that they are all affordable too!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I absolutely love French pharmacy brands, although when I mentioned it to a French colleague she was very sniffy, and thinking about it, I'm the same with some of the UK pharmacy brands! But the thing is, they always work. And they smell good. I love Klorane, Nuxe and also E Coudray, Vichy and La Roche-Posay. Thanks for linking!

Carrie said...

That detangling comb looks so nice, I need to check it out. I really need a new one.


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I definitely need some oil in my life! I have only been once to Paris and it is just a few hours away!

mummabstylish said...

What beautiful gifts, I love the look of the handwash hun. Jacqui x

Mica said...

I've heard good things about Nuxe and Caudalie but never tried anything from these brands or the others on your list! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a great weekend :) We had a couple fun Christmas gatherings :)

Away From The Blue said...

I love Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse! It's great for this time of year when skin suffers the effects of the cold. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

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One of my beloved puts on earth is Paris, and one of my cherished activities there is to assault the drug store, especially Citypharma in the sixth arrondissement.

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