What to wear in 2022

Just before the new year, there was a meme going around the Internet alluding to how 2022 sounds like "2020 two," e.g. "the sequel," e.g. dear god, not again. But Sean interpreted it as "2020 take two," e.g. a do-over, and that optimism is one of the many reasons why I love him. Yes, things may be less than ideal right now, with closures and quarantines and yet another rampant strain of Covid, but maybe, just maybe this is the year we move on from this @#$% virus. I didn't realize how much I was craving my old routines until our back-to-office date got pushed back for the gazillionth time—and this time I was actually disappointed about it. I had been thinking about easing back into office wear (and really looking forward to wearing my blazers again), but since that won't be happening just yet, I've come up with a happy medium: pieces that are comfortable and casual enough to wear around the house, but polished enough to wear out to after-work drinks (outside, of course). So here's what I'm wearing in 2022...for now.

Naked Cashmere Cora sweater

As much as I joked here and on social media about shopping for myself during the holidays, I was actually very responsible and treated myself just to this gorgeous sweater from my favorite cashmere brand, Naked Cashmere (here's why it's my favorite). I actually paid full price for it, which is something I rarely do, and I regret nothing, as it's worth every cent. The cashmere is ridiculously soft (and doesn't pill), the weight is just right, and the fit is so perfectly oversized that it goes with everything. I am particularly a fan of the neckline, which is somewhere between a mock turtleneck and a funnel, and of the way the ribbing goes diagonal at the shoulder. The subtle bell sleeves are pretty sweet too. The fit is very generous—there's plenty of room for another layer underneath—but I'd say it runs true to size, if a bit on the large side (I'm in my usual small). All in all, I love it so much, I've decided I'm going to treat myself to a new Naked Cashmere sweater every year. Now that's my kind of holiday tradition!

Agolde Riley jeans

After the disaster that was the jeans in this post, I decided to take Grace Atwood's advice and try one of her readers' favorites, the Riley jean from Agolde. I've been hearing great things about this brand from many of my favorite bloggers for awhile, and while I find trying a new denim brand can be a bit anxiety-inducing, I was so happy with this pair, I instantly bought a pair of white jeans in a similar fit. Like my disaster jeans, these are 100% cotton, however the cut of the leg is way better suited to my body type—I have always been a straight-leg person, so know thyself. I was a little worried about the high rise because I have a pretty short torso, but these hit me in just the right spot and don't give me muffin top. What's really amazing is that in spite of the fact that I'm carrying around 5 extra pounds of holiday weight, they are still comfy; granted, not as comfy as stretch denim, but I think the rigid cotton actually helps them hold their shape a bit better. My only quibble is that I wish they were an inch or two longer, but that may be good news for the more petite readers out there. The Riley runs true to size: I'm in my usual 28.

Sara Campbell Chloe jacket (on sale!)

I felt like I had to redeem this coat from the tragic outfit I featured it in last time, and while the colors and formula are similar, I feel much better about my second attempt. It's actually been a little too chilly for this coat lately—in spite of being soft and cozy, it's not quite as warm as it looks—but now that the sun is out again, I can get away with something a little lighter in weight. As you all know, I love my light neutrals, and while conventional wisdom would caution you against pairing a cool neutral with a warm one, I think rules were meant to be broken. BTW, this coat is on sale right now, and it runs true to size, with a slightly oversized fit (I'm in a small). 

Sarah Flint Rosie loafers (use code SARAHFLINT-BACHERYLSHOPS for $50 off)

Another thing I decided I needed more of in my life is my pair of Sarah Flint shoes, which you last saw in my honest review. As an update to my honest review, I can report that they've gotten softer and even more comfortable with wear, and I'm amazed at how not-grungy the suede is. They make my whole outfit feel more elevated, yet not like I'm trying too hard. And I do appreciate the slight lift from the heel—it gives you just an extra bit of confidence. 

Celine medium Cabas Phantom tote

To be honest, I was really looking forward to carrying my Celine tote to work every day—to jog your memory, I bought it a week before the pandemic—so instead, I'm going to challenge myself to carry it in other situations (I'm going to take it with me on our trip this coming weekend, for example). It's also a little matchy-matchy with my shoes, but I feel like you can never have too much taupe, as it's such an underrated neutral. Here's to more taupe in 2022!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sara Campbell Chloe jacket (c/o)| Naked Cashmere Cora sweater | Agolde Riley jeans | Sarah Flint Rosie loafers (c/o) use code SARAHFLINT-BACHERYLSHOPS for $50 off | Celine medium Cabas Phantom tote


Laura B said...

I love this chic casual outfit! Those shoes are great and the jeans fit you really well!

Avec Amber said...

I can see why this sweater is your favorite - it looks absolutely wonderful and cozy! Your loafers pair perfectly with it.

I hope you are having a great week so far!


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Lovely said...

Love all these pieces and they look good together. You look chic!

Kellyann Rohr said...

What a great outfit - I love your cashmere sweater! Thanks for linking up with the Fashion Files!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

That's a good jumper! Nicely warm! And I love cropped trousers. Have a good start of the week!


These all look great together and so comfy! Love the jumper.

Mica said...

This is such a nice casual outfit! I really like that knit, buying a new one each year sounds like a lovely tradition! :)

I was supposed to go back into the office before Christmas last year but got sick so didn't get to, and now the office is shut again after the Christmas break because there are so many cases here - it's definitely frustrating when something doesn't go as you planned or hoped! But I know that the office will still be there once all the cases die down again!

Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup this week :) Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

Away From The Blue

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Such a luxurious casual outfit! I love your cashmere sweater and Celine bag. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

Helen said...

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