What I wore in Croatia

In case you missed my Croatia travel diary last week, we spent 12 days in Croatia in September, starting with two nights in Split, then a week on a chartered boat, and finally three nights in Dubrovnik. (And I actually started the trip with four nights in Vienna, but that's another post for another day!) My challenge was twofold: first, packing clothes that worked for both land and sea, and second, fitting them all into a carry-on, because I had a connecting flight in Frankfurt and had heard horror stories about lost luggage. So, yes, I managed to pack enough clothes for two and a half weeks in a carry-on—it's all about packing cubes, but I also made sure that everything I brought could be worn at least two different ways (you'll see several items get repeated here). This isn't everything I packed (swimsuits and cover-ups, for example), but these were definitely my go-to pieces. Here's what I wore on vacation in Croatia. 

On the plane

I have a go-to airplane outfit, which is usually blazer + long-sleeve tee + jeans + sneakers. I modified it slightly this time, layering a lightweight sweater under my blazer because I didn't have room for it in my luggage (!) and switching out my sneakers for Birkenstocks, because the latter actually took up more space. Pro tip: to save space in your suitcase, wear your bulkiest items on the plane. You can always remove your layers if you get too hot. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Free People blazer | Rag & Bone Ann cardigan | Aimee Kestenberg belt bag | Frame le high straight jeans | Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals | Lo & Sons Catalina tote | Delsey suitcase

Sightseeing in Split

It was HOT when we were in Split so I stuck to shorts and lightweight tops. I wish I had brought more short-sleeved shirts (I don't own many sleeveless tops) so I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I'm in Europe in late summer. Overall, the vibe in Split felt a little more casual than Dubrovnik, and believe it or not, I only brought flat shoes on this trip, which was a first for me! It was a wise decision, however, since I was walking on cobblestones most of the time. Pro tip: invest in a cute pair of flat sandals!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Farysays lace top | Madewell denim shorts | Aimee Kestenberg belt bag | Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals

OUTFIT DETAILS: Madewell chambray shirt | Offline by Aerie skort (current version here or here) | Golden Goose Superstar sneakers | Sojos sunglasses

Dinner in Split (and Dubrovnik) 

I brought four packable dresses on this trip (two of which are not pictured here, sorry!)—they were super easy to throw on for dinner and I was comfortable both fit-wise and temperature-wise. I kind of wish I had brought one more dress, but space was at a premium in my packing cube. One thing to note: shorter, slimmer, sleeveless dresses (think a slip or tank dress) take up the least amount of room; the more ruffles, sleeves, or volume you're dealing with, the more space you'll have to sacrifice. I will say, however, that in spite of its billowy shape, this dress is made of super-lightweight Indian cotton and rolls up nicely. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Juliet Dunn dress (similar here or here) | Isabel Marant sandals (similar here or here

Island hopping

Most of the time we were on the boat, I wore my swimsuit and a cover-up for much of the day, however we usually ate dinner in port and we went sightseeing a couple of days, both of which required changing into actual clothes. Again, the vibe on the islands—at least the ones we went to—was pretty casual, and there were cobblestones everywhere, so sturdy shoes were a must. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: J.Crew vintage cotton tee | Zara skirt (similar here or here) | Aimee Kestenberg belt bag | Isabel Marant sandals (similar here or here

OUTFIT DETAILS: H&M hatSojos sunglasses | Aerie boyfriend tee | Free People Chelsea linen shortsAimee Kestenberg belt bag | Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals

Sightseeing in Dubrovnik 

It was starting to cool down on the last few days of the trip, so I was glad that I had brought my sweater and blazer—layers were definitely in order, especially in the morning. I was also glad that I brought my Free People shorts (which you first saw a couple of weeks ago)—they were probably my most-worn item on this trip! And in spite of making its first and only appearance in this section, I actually wore the H&M dress below quite a bit as well. It's super versatile—you can wear it with or without the spaghetti straps, and I feel like I could have tried wearing lower on my waist as a maxi skirt too. I'll attempt that next time! 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sojos sunglasses | Rag & Bone Ann cardigan | Free People Chelsea linen shorts | Aimee Kestenberg belt bag | Golden Goose Superstar sneakers

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sojos sunglassesFree People blazer | H&M dressAimee Kestenberg belt bag | Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals

Day trip to Montenegro

At this point in the trip, I was running out of clothes, which is exactly how it should be on the last day. Again, the weather was kind of cool in the morning, but I definitely shed layers as the day went on. Also, a final note on my color scheme for this trip: in case you haven't figured it out by now, I went with light neutrals (white and beige) with blue as an accent color. I've found sticking to a simple color scheme helps make packing—and getting dressed—so much easier!

OUTFIT DETAILS: H&M hat | Rag & Bone Ann cardigan | Zara linen blouse (similar here) | Madewell denim shorts | Aimee Kestenberg belt bag | Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals | Sojos sunglasses

For more packing tips, check out this post!


Laura B said...

Super cute travel style! I'd love to see Croatia one day. Love that turquoise dress on you!

Mica said...

You look so stylish even while travelling! I am loving the cute dress outfits but also how you rock the shorts! It sounds like you had an amazing time as well.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

Away From The Blue

www.chicute.com said...

What does naughty but nice mean. xoxo.

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Now, don't you look stylish while on a holiday! Very nice. Love the white top you are wearing with the denim shorts.

Jelena Dimić said...

Croatia is stunning! I can't wait to travel there someday. I'm surprised that I haven't done it yet considering that it's right across the border! Love your outfits, they're brilliant! <3


stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

I'm amazed that you managed with just a carry-on! I definitely couldn't have done that, I'm a serial over-packer! I love the blue OTS dress and the lace top with the denim shorts.

Emma xxx

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

Croatia looks beautiful! Love all of your travel outfits! I can't believe you got everything into a carryon!

Jill - Doused in Pink

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