7 ways to wear Chloe Susanna boots

I came across a comment thread recently where a woman around my age (slightly younger) was asking what to wear on a trip to NYC and was promptly cut down by someone who probably moved there six years ago from Ohio, who declared that skinny jeans with ankle boots were "a no-go" and implored the woman to trade up to rigid straight-leg jeans with platform boots. Which made me think, "You can pry my ankle boots off of my cold, dead feet," and no pair more so than my Chloe Susanna boots. A version of this style first debuted way back in 2008 but was wisely brought back in 2011 by Hannah MacGibbon, a Phoebe Philo disciple (remember, Phoebe Philo took over as Chloe's head designer after working under Stella McCartney in the early 2000s!). That's when the style really took off—I remember seeing a pair on Sienna Miller—and Chloe has brought it back every year since, cementing its status as a straight-up footwear icon. I bought my pair of Susanna boots back in 2016 (full disclosure: when they were well under $1,000; I still think they're well worth the investment) and to this day, they're one of my favorite and most worn shoes in my wardrobe. I get compliments from a wide range of people every single time I wear them, but more importantly, they just make whatever your'e wearing look that much cooler. So with that in mind, here are 7 different ways to wear Chloe Susanna boots.

With black skinny pants

Confession: I work from home (which is an old, drafty Victorian) so most days, what I wear is pretty basic, warm, and cozy. This outfit is pretty much my M.O. lately—just dressed up a bit with my Susanna boots, instead of the rain boots I've been wearing for what feels like the last three weeks straight. And while this is a work-from-home look, I think it would suffice for an actual workplace as well. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Isabel Marant Etoile coat (similar here) | NakedCashmere Cora sweater | Spanx perfect black ankle 4-pocket pant (c/o) | A.P.C. sac demi-lune | Chloe Susanna boots

With bare legs

This one's from the way-back machine (five years ago, to be more precise), but I still own and actively wear all of these things. First of all, black, white, and leopard is a combination I will never tire of. And this look pretty much proves that you can wear the boots with nearly everything, including bare legs. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Ganni coat (current version here) | Athleta top | Topshop skirt | A.P.C. sac demi-lune | Chloe Susanna boots

With jeans

I wear these boots with jeans all the time and in fact, have featured them more recently here, but I hate the newer outfit (in fact I've gotten rid of everything except my accessories), so I'm going with this one instead—and in this case, I wear everything here on the regular. (The blazer, in fact, got its own 7 ways to wear it treatment in the above link.) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: J.Crew sweater blazer | Zadig & Voltaire tee (similar here) | Frame le high straight jeansA.P.C. sac demi-lune | Chloe Susanna boots

With tights and a skirt, part 1

The nice thing about these boots is that the studs make them flex a little fancy, which is why I think they work so well with skirts and dresses. Wear them with a sparkly skirt like this one and you're ready to go to a holiday party. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Banana Republic leather moto jacket | Naadam cardigan (current version) | Isabel Marant skit (similar here) | Stella & Dot clutch (similar here) | Chloe Susanna boots

With tights and a skirt, part 2

Same location, same outfit formula (hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it): moto jacket, cashmere sweater, silky skirt, black tights, Susanna boots. But I think the bright pop of color makes it feel like a totally different outfit and a great one for Valentine's Day, which is coming up. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara jacket (similar here) | Everlane cashmere sweater | IRO skirt (similar here) | Chloe Susanna boots

With a maxi dress

This is one of my favorite outfit combinations of all time: a super-comfy maxi dress, a fitted leather jacket, a pop of leopard print, and of course, my Susanna boots. I like how just a bit of skin shows at the ankle, but on a colder day, you could also layer tights underneath. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Banana Republic leather moto jacket | Saint + Sofa Greenwich dress (c/o) | Clare V petit simple toteChloe Susanna boots

With a T-shirt dress

I debated even showing this look because it's 1) so old and 2) so old that I don't have hi-res images anymore, but I decided to keep it in because it shows how long I've owned these boots (I think I even bought them the year before this) and also, I'm about to hit my 20-year blog-iversary later this year (no, I will not shut up!), so you might want to get used to seeing some older photos of me more regularly ;) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Topshop blazer (current version) | COS T-shirt dress (similar here) | Vanessa Bruno tote bagChloe Susanna boots

A note on sizing

I've found that this style runs super big. I am almost always a U.S. size 8.5 or an EU 39, and I had to size down to a 38 in the Susanna. But they are super comfy (I can wear mine with a medium-weight sock) and the leather is buttery-soft. I can't recommend them enough!  


Anonymous said...

My kind of boots, very rock and roll, a classic for sure. Lise

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I am so in love with these ankle boots, they are the perfect ones! I adore the summer, but one of the downsides I think , is the fact that I can't wear my ankle boots then!

Wyld Club said...

The classic design of shoes. It is used in all situations. I love it most!
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Laura B said...

Those boots are so cute! I love the detail of them! You've worn them a lot of great ways!

Mica said...

These boots look so good on you! I like how versatile ankle boots are, as you've shown in these outfits. I've always wanted a pair of these boots but never got them, still want them all these years later, they are just so fun :)

Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link up!

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joe said...

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