What you bought in 2022

Happy new year! And yes, I think it's still within the acceptable timeframe to say that ;) I have definitely moved on to 2023 mentally but wanted to take one last look at 2022—specifically, what you bought. But first, I'd like to thank you for doing so, because when you buy something from one of my links, I get a small finder's fee from each purchase (at no cost to you), and that income helps fund me and all of the magic elves (e.g. people and software services) that keep Cheryl Shops up and running. Think of it as supporting a micro-economy. And speaking of the economy, here's how you voted with your dollars in 2022. 

Spanx Ankle straight leg jeans

This honest review also made the Top 10 posts of 2022 (as did many of the posts on my list) and I'm glad that y'all love these jeans as much as I do. They're great for traveling or when you ate a huge pasta dinner the night before. And after wearing them on the reg, they're still as stretchy as the day I got them. 

Eighth Day the Regenerative Serum 

Another honest review in the Top 10 posts of 2022, I was actually surprised that this one made the most-purchased list because it is a bit of a splurge—although one that, spoiler alert, I think is worth it (if you can afford it). 

True Botanicals glow set

This set is sadly no longer available—it was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July—but it contains the True Botanicals Chebula Active Serum that was the star of this honest review. If Nordstrom brings the set back this year, I am 100% snatching it up. 

Spanx distressed ankle skinny jean

Guessing there are no Gen Z readers here, because according to you, skinny jeans are here to stay. These jeans come from a 2021 honest review and like the straight-leg pair above, they are also fantastic for travel and post-indulgence. 

Spanx flare jeans

From the same post I just mentioned, these are what I call my dress-up jeans, because they're so long, I have to wear heels with them. I've also seen more and more flares on the Internets recently, so I have a feeling I'll be wearing them even more this year. More importantly, can we talk about how they make your legs look 8 miles long?!

Stella McCartney Erika coat

This one was a surprise on several levels. For one, I don't own this coat (or anything quite like it). And two, it's rather spendy. But I finally figured it out: I featured it in this get the look post from 2021 which has since found another life on Pinterest. Which makes me think...should I bring back get the look

Naked Cashmere Waverly sweater 

Naked Cashmere doesn't actually make this style anymore—the Kaia sweater is pretty close though—but that doesn't stop y'all from clicking on it (or me from featuring it on this blog, most recently with Spanx, surprise surprise). 

Asakuki essential oil diffuser

It feels like I wrote this post on how to make your home smell like Santal 33 for less ages ago, but it was only back in 2021. Still, since then, it's become one of my most-viewed posts of all time and is responsible for three of the items on this list. I still use my diffuser regularly, and having tried several different oils, my favorite is still Santal. 

Spanx perfect black pants, 4-pocket ankle

They say you never forget your first...and my first pair of Spanx pants were these, which I still wear constantly (most recently on Monday, in fact). I love that this honest review is still so popular! 

Wool dryer balls

Also from the Santal 33 post but a game changer even if you don't use them in conjunction with essential oils. I've found that these work so much better than dryer sheets in removing lint, plus they're way better for the environment. 

Doratelier Santal oil 

For the second year in a row, this was far and away the most-bought item on this blog. I hope it makes your laundry, your powder room, and your entire home smell ah-may-zing! 


Mica said...

I love that coat! I can see why so many of these pieces were best sellers :) Happy new year! Hope your year is off to a good start :)

Ashley said...

So many beautiful pieces, Cheryl! I absolutely love the Spanx flare jeans!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! :)

Make Life Marvelous

ALLIE NYC said...

You got many wonderful items/pieces this year. Loving that first look! Ah indeed lets' hope 2023 is a better year for us all.

Allie of

Laura B said...

I love using dryer balls. They really save time with the drying! And spanx should be sending you pants for free! Unless they already do. Because you rock every style of theirs! Love them!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Ooh yes please bring back "Get the look." Interesting to see the most popular buys! Thanks for linking.

Jessica Jannenga said...

Interesting to see what buyers like. They do like Spanx jeans! I am considering a new series myself
jess xx