Get the look: white tiered dress

As I noted a few weeks ago, there's no such thing as too many little white dresses as far as I'm concerned. Seems like you're on a white dress kick too, because the most-pinned look from my Outfit ideas for ageless style Pinterest board features one prominently. Since it's now peak LWD season, let's re-create the look for less. 

I thought a similar dress would be pretty easy to find, but turns out it was quite the challenge at any price. I really like this Millie dress but the fabric and the details aren't quite right, so let's go with the incredibly reasonable Gap Factory option below. It's a little shorter and the fabric is eyelet instead of poplin, but the silhouette is otherwise spot-on, and the price is right. 

Gap Factory eyelet flutter-sleeve midi dress $23.99

Conversely, I thought a caned rattan bag would be next to impossible to find, but turns out there are a lot of them out there. I particularly like the bamboo handle on this one, as it reads very Italian summer vacation to me. 

Lusana emerald mini woven rattan tote $189

Assuming the woman in the photo is wearing actual Hermรจs Oran sandals (which are not as comfortable as you'd assume—I prefer the Oasis) but these are a nearly unbeatable dupe, especially for the price. 

Steve Madden Haydn slides $79

Also assuming she's wearing real Celine sunglasses, but I own this exact pair in two colors and assure you no one can tell the difference. Dupes FTW!

Feisdy butterfly sunglasses $23.99


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I just bought a white blouse yesterday, and that's about the only one white item I own! Lol. But I do love white dresses!

Laura B said...

This is such a chic, classic summer look. I love these items! said...

This is lovely summer outfit. The rattan bag is gorgeous. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

Wilson said...

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Mica said...

That is a lovely outfit and I like the dress you chose to recreate it! I am much too clumsy to wear a lot of white, although I love the look of a little white dress, just a white tee or denim skirt is enough for me in an outfit to try keep clean, haha!

Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link Up :)

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