An honest review of Cocokind skincare

People often ask me if more expensive skincare products are worth the price, and my answer is sometimes. The most important thing is finding something that works for your skin type, and there are usually solutions at all price points. While there are very expensive products out there that I begrudgingly admit work very well, the truth is that when it comes to your skin's basic needs—cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection—you don't have to spend a fortune. (If you are going to splurge, I recommend doing it on a serum, which is where you usually find the most potent, and active, ingredients.) You also don't have to settle for mass-market formula loaded with phthalates if you're on a budget; in recent years, there have been a bunch of clean and environmentally conscious brands to hit the market. One of which is Cocokind, so when they offered to send me a bunch of products to try, I gladly accepted. While I did receive these products free of charge, the following review contains my honest and unfiltered opinions. Here's my assessment of three of Cocokind's top products.

A little about Cocokind

Founder Priscilla Tsai started Cocokind to challenge the idea that clean, effective beauty products have to cost a lot, a sentiment we can all probably get behind. All of the formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and safe for sensitive skin; most of the products come in recyclable glass packaging, which is pretty incredible considering the price point—everything is under $30. If all skincare brands have a hook, Cocokind's is barrier support, which is a current industry buzzword and basically says they address any and all of the things happening with your skin, like breakouts, signs of aging, sensitivity, and so on. Your skin barrier can be affected by all manner of things within your control (smoking, sun damage, harsh products) and completely out of your control (genetics, environmental pollution, aging, the Republican party)—none of which, of course, stops us from doing everything we can so that we have some perception of control. But, if you're like me, you just want your skin to look good so maybe you can use less makeup and age as gracefully as possible. And if you can do that without spending a small fortune and/or killing the planet, even better. So, does Cocokind do what it says?

Ceramide Barrier Nourishing Serum $10.99–$21.99

With five types of ceramides and lipids (basically fatty molecules that are naturally found in your skin), this serum is a potent dose of hydration. You only need 2 or 3 drops, although I will say I blew through an entire bottle (the smaller size) in about a month. It has no scent, and the texture it melts into your skin incredibly quickly, making it an ideal serum for day (you can also use it at night). Because my skin is always dry, I can get away with using this year round, but I'd recommend it especially in winter, when the heaters and dry air do a number on our skin. This serum isn't loaded with active ingredients, so don't expect anything miraculous in terms of brightening or radiance; it's meant to provide extra hydration without irritation, and that's exactly what it does. 

Resurrection Polypeptide Cream $26.99

Polypeptides are the skincare ingredient du jour; it's a fancy way of saying "proteins" and the thought is that they help boost your collagen production, ideally making skin look more plump and hydrated. Plump is a good word to describe this cream, which is lavender in color and feels somewhat like glue straight out of the jar. My first instinct was that it would take hours for this cream to absorb, and I'm happy to say that I was wrong. You do need to massage it in, but the texture is neither sticky nor greasy once it's on your face. It feels pretty soothing on my skin and doesn't irritate me at all. That said, this cream is THICC, even for me, a reptile. I've found that I can wear it during the day with minimal makeup, but anything involving a brush makes it pill up. To be safe, I'd recommend using this at night, over any sort of serum whose ingredients you want to lock in. 

AHA Jelly Gentle Cleanser $18.99

I will preface this by saying that I am very picky about cleansers; as I've noted, I have very parched skin, and anything that strips away what little moisture I have is a hard pass for me. This cleanser has potent 4% plant-derived AHAs (which can be drying!) which it then attempts to balance out with hyaluronic acid (for moisturizing). I should also mention that unlike the other two products I tried, this one has a discernible kombucha-like smell; this wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me if I liked the cleanser (I put up with Biologique Recherche's many yeasty funks), but this one is just too stripping. It's also probably not meant for my type of skin; AHAs work well on acne-prone skin, which I don't have. I probably should have gone with their other cleanser, the oil-to-milk formulation, which would be a little more nourishing. 

My honest review

I am all for democratizing skincare, especially when you can find effective formulas at places like Target and Ulta. I appreciate how Cocokind wants to demystify and simplify, with their straightforward and inclusive messaging. And they really deserve props for using packaging that's actually recyclable. Not everything I tried worked for me, but I think the Ceramide Barrier serum is a winner for boosting moisture, especially for the price. TL;DR, Cocokind is a good place to start if you're looking for basic, clean-formulated skincare without breaking the bank, but if you're looking for dramatic results, you may want to layer in more specialized active ingredients. 


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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I tried expensive products and cheaper ones. I now use a cheaper one without perfume, alcohol, silicones etc. and that's the best for my skin. But it is a journey!

Budgeting Belle 80 said...

I love how the products you featured are free of some chemicals because I prefer products like that.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I appreciate your honest review. Very impressed with glass packaging. I'm not a big fan of AHAs either as i find them drying. Excellent review, and thanks for linking

Mica said...

I haven't heard of this brand before so thank you for the introduction! It's nice there are so many companies with simple products that work well at lower price points. As someone with sensitive skin it's easier to try something new if it doesn't cost too much - as in most cases, any change to my simple cleanse/moisturise routine or using a different product as one of those steps makes my skin angry, haha!

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