How to do latte dressing

Within the last year or so, I started to notice that the color black has begun to look very harsh against my complexion. This is unfortunate because I like wearing black (it goes with nearly everything!) and have a lot of black clothes (it always goes together!). So I've been trying to incorporate lighter, softer colors in my wardrobe—when I'm about to buy anything for my upper half in black, I have to stop and ask myself if it comes in another shade—and thankfully for me, a trend of sorts has taken hold in the last few months, called latte dressing. While I'm generally quite choosy about which trends I do and don't wear, latte dressing is one that I can totally get behind. Here's how to do it.

What is latte dressing? 

First things first, latte dressing is pretty much what it sounds like: wearing a color palette that takes inspiration from a latte, or an espresso with steamed milk. Think varying shades of brown, beige, and cream; I especially like to picture the little design that the barista makes with the steamed milk when you go to a fancy café with $5 coffee. There's really no wrong way to do it; it could evoke everything from a double espresso to a flat white. You can even throw in some hints of pure white or black (or, in my case, gold).

Start with the espresso

In order for your look to be a latte (and not just milk), you need a shot of espresso, or some shade of brown. The cargo pants I'm wearing are more of a light roast; I actually wear these with a more chocolate-brown sweater on a regular basis, for another take on the trend. Side note: these pants are from the Peter Do x Banana Republic collaboration from a few months ago (I actually paid full retail for them!), and while they're definitely giving '90s raver, they're really striking in person (and incredibly comfortable). They're mostly sold out, but I've linked a similar pair from the collection in the exact same shade. 

Add some cream

In order for your look to qualify as a latte—or cappuccino, cortado, flat white, or however you take your coffee—you need a little steamed milk, in the form of a creamy hue or two. My sweater is a true cream, and the jacket is more of a beige; ideally everything. you're wearing should be either warm or cool in tone (these pieces are all on the warmer side). Depending on how creamy you want to go, this could be just a few or many lighter pieces—the ratio is all up to you. 

Blend it together

Sometimes you just want a quick espresso after your meal for digestion; other times you want to savor a nice rich macchiato all morning long. Maybe you add a sprinkle of mocha or two...see where I'm going with this? I decided to wear some gold shoes because why not, although I wish I had grabbed more of a true brown bag, versus this one (which is taupe). Next time, I'll brew a stronger look ;) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zeagoo bomber jacket (c/o) | Zeagoo sweater (c/o) | Peter Do x Banana Republic pants (similar style) | Celine Romy bag | Vicenza Mary Janes


Laura B said...

I know black isn't good for my tone either, but it's hard to avoid! I do love this latte dressing though. Your outfit is fabulous and your gold shoes are the perfect choice!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I love black but I understand that the colour isn't for everyone. But these colours are gorgeous, and I love the shoes!

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

I always gravitate towards black and the latte trend is a refreshing change! I love this gorgeous combo!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Jessica Jannenga said...

I've acquired more black too in my closet, but I LOVE this look so much! The quilted bomber and wide leg pant look so good. I love these tones together and the gold flats are fabulous!
thanks for linking!
jessxx said...

I've never heard of latte dressing before but I love it! I find black quite harsh against my skin tone too, browns are much kinder to me! The gold shoes look great with the brown and cream tones. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

OliverJohnson said...
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