My 2024 birthday wishlist

Whenever I create my birthday posts, I like to look back on the previous year and see what I ended up getting. (Update on 2023: two of five items received, plus one more in progress.) Turns out these posts have some pretty strong manifesting powers, and who am I to argue with that? In the spirit of abundance, here's what's on my wishlist for this year. 

1. I've been wearing the same brand of nightgown for years (yes, I wear nightgowns to bed!) and the thought of trying something new hadn't occurred to me until I saw my friend Emily's super-cute Printfresh pajamas. Turns out they also make nightgowns, and this one's 100% viscose, which will hopefully breathe quite well, since I figure I have night sweats in my near future. Yay, aging!

Printfresh Bagheera nightie $148

2. Last year I wanted a rug, this year it's stools. I've been wanting to update my kitchen for a few years now, and I'm slowly realizing I can do it bit by bit instead of spending an arm and a leg all at once. First up: more comfortable seating for my kitchen island (I currently have classic metal stools, but I can only sit on them for about 30 minutes before my butt starts to fall asleep.) I'm obsessed with this Pierre Jeanneret design and really impressed that these are made of actual teak wood, instead of composite wood (go Wayfair!). 

Pierre Jeanneret stools $355.99 each (on sale)

3. When we were in NYC last month, we went into one of my favorite jewelry stores, Broken English, where I spotted an oversized vintage pendant with a pearl-encrusted cross. I have literally not stopped thinking about it since and have been kicking myself for not at least asking how much it was. Thankfully, there are a lot of amazing options online, including this one—and I think I like the design here even more. 

Victorian 14k gold locket $1,550

4. Confession: I thought the Loewe Puzzle bag was incredibly ugly—like, The Row zip boot ugly (sorry, but I just don't get them!). Then I saw a really cool-looking woman with an all-black one in West Hollywood over the holidays, and I was like ohhhhh. The bag manages to be both structured and slouchy in the same time, and it doesn't have any big obnoxious logos on it. The size is just right—big enough to hold the essentials but small enough to look chic—and it comes with both a top handle and crossbody strap, because we love options. I manhandled this one in NYC last month, and I'm even more obsessed now.

Loewe Puzzle bag $3.250

5. As I noted last week, I wandered into & Other Stories last month in NYC and was blown away by how great everything was, including this top. I recently purged all but a couple of my white lacy tops from my wardrobe—they tend to get grungy after a couple of years, then they linger in my closet because they're so pretty and I don't want to throw them away, yet they're too sad to wear in public. The solution, obviously, is a new one, and I've got my eye on this crocheted beauty. 

& Other Stories crochet peplum top $139 


Laura B said...

These are gorgeous pieces! I can see why they are all on your wishlist. Love that bag and I'm sure the stools will be so nice in your kitchen!

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

Great wishlist! I love those stools and the nightgown and crochet top are so pretty!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Ralph Spencer said...
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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh I wear nightgowns too. Viscose is perfect. Love that pendant! Kind a curious now at what you are getting!

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