Yo, yo, yo, models, yo
Last night's America's Next Top Model was utterly ridiculous. First, the models had to dance and--this girl never ceases to amaze me--Shandi can actually groove something fierce! But bionic model April won the competition and picked Sara and Shandi to join her to go to dinner with...RZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Kinetic from the Wu-Tang Clan. Seriously, how funny was it to see the anal-retentive April try to have a conversation with the slurring, nonsensical, missing-most-of-his-teeth ODB? Even funnier is that Shandi totally hit it off with Kinetic. I knew it from episode one--Shandi is the shit.

Still, the icing on the crazy cake was that the models had to dance in Tyra's new video, "Shake Ya Body," which sounds like a reject J.Lo song. Um, hello, blatant self-promotion. But, once again, Shandi kicked ass with the dancing.

Sadly, Sara--who is definitely the sexiest among the bunch--was asked to leave. But, never fear, I'm sure she'll turn up soon in the pages of Maxim. As for the rest of the bunch, my money's still on Shandi. I hope to god they get rid of Camille soon; and though I love Yohanna--she's definitely the most interested in fashion--I think her days might be numbered. There's been a lot of foreshadowing...

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