The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Sister or Girlfriend
Granted, some of this stuff would be better for your sister, and some would be better for your girlfriend. I'll try to make a distinction.

For the gal on the go: Dior's Temptations set has toner, lip gloss, and mascara--all essentials--and comes in a cute makeup bag that can double as a small purse. Perfect for your little sister, or for your girlfriend to leave at your place for morning-after touch-ups.

For the health nut: Is yoga still trendy? Ah, who cares--it's important to be flexible. And this striped yoga mat will make those sun salutations far less tedious.

For the liberated gal: All I have to say is, if the Accuvibe is good enough for Samantha Jones, it's good enough for your girl.

For the party girl: At first I saw this mini Moet belt and laughed my ass off. But it's kind of cool, isn't it? I can see Kate Moss wearing it, keeping all the models tipsy during Fashion Week.

For the US Weekly reader: Everyone's favorite busy 18-year-old, Lindsay Lohan, stars in the Dooney & Bourke ads, so a gal who follows her every jiggle would love one of these (actually very cute) coin purses.

For the girl with idle hands: Let me tell you, my life has changed drastically since I learned how to knit. But if you'd prefer to learn to crochet (it's supposedly much easier), Loop's crochet kit will do the trick.

For the not-reckless-at-all driver: Prove you're the more responsible sibling by getting your younger sister this woman-friendly BarbaraK! Roadside Safety Kit. Your parents will thank you.

For the accessory maven: Chances are she's ashamed of the ugly black nylon case that came with her iPod, so get her this e.vil iPod case, an appropriately girly mix of gold lamé and pink fabric.

For the girl who's so over her Tiffany's bracelet: Replace it with this surprisingly understated and affordable Juicy Couture charm bracelet.

For pretty much any girl: Even if she's a bag snob, chances are she'll love this sherpa-trimmed cargo hobo from the Gap. And if not, hey, she can exchange it for something better, Sport!

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