Website of the week
Last week I reached the end of one of my favorite candles. I went around the corner to Flight 001, where I had purchased it, but they no longer carry the brand. I panicked for a second, then came home and Googled the name, and lo and behold, I came across Aromapharmacy's website. I was pleased to find they not only carry candles, but various bath products as well. Most of the merchandise seems geared toward men (there's a heavy emphasis on shaving), but many items are unisex. Aromapharmacy has a whole philosophy, which is that plants have therapeutic qualities, so they blend them in aromatherapeutic quantities and make nifty bath products. (They're based in Los Angeles, hence the nature-loving.) The website is organized simply, by type of product. I was most familiar with the prescription candles (get it? Aroma-pharmacy?); I have Niagra and Valiumello (the one I ran out of), but the candles come in a ton of scents, including the self-explanatory Hung-Over and Thin-Thin. One of the best parts about the candles is the cost: At $14, the larger size is almost a quarter of the price of a (admittedly, very good-smelling) Diptyque candle. As for other products, the Pre-Op hand soap looks promising; Aromaid kits have essential aromatherapeutic oils; and for the man in your life, the shaving kit features three full-size shaving products for $30--quite a good deal. Hmm, one shaving kit for your man, many candles for you!

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