Cheryl shops...a bunch of sales that are over now, and Theory
Today was the holiday luncheon, then we got to go home at 3! Yay! So, of course, I went shopping. First I hit the White + Warren sale (today was the last day). They had a lot of nice but very basic sweaters, most of which were $85, but turtlenecks were $50 for some reason. I think White + Warren makes pretty high-quality cashmere, especially compared to some other brands, but the styles are a bit generic.

Which was a huge contrast to Inhabit (today was also the last day for this one), where I wanted to buy every sweater they had. Inhabit had plain v-necks, but they were in different muted colors; they also had wrap sweaters, ponchos, and really interesting pointelle-type knits and other sweaters with innovative textures. I ended up buying a high-quality cotton tank top and a sort-of matching superlight cashmere sweater that has this drapey, ruffle-type thing on both sides--kind of like an open cardigan, but you can probably experiment with brooches and pin it in different ways. Prices were incredibly reasonable--I didn't see anything for more than $100. The sale is over (sorry!), but I signed up for the mailing list, so I'll definitely let you know about the next one.

My final stop was Clothingline for the much-hyped (yes, by me too--I'm guilty) Theory sale. I was, in a word, disappointed. There were a lot of pants, I guess, but they were all in plain black or khaki cotton for the most part, and do I really need another pair of black cotton trousers? (I think I own about eight pairs, so, no.) They had a few ugly blazers, even uglier skirts, and some basic knitwear--nice cashmere sweaters for $80 or so, T-shirts, tanks, etc. They also had a lot of "tailor" suit separates, which appeared to be no different from regular Theory separates, other than that they were made of wool and were only 40% off (as opposed to everything else at 60% off). That was about it. Granted, I waited until Thursday afternoon to hit the sale, so I'm sure if I had gone on, say, Monday, there would've been a better selection. Still, I was disappointed, and I think I would've preferred 70% off--you can get better deals at the Theory outlet store at Woodbury Commons.

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