America's Next Top Model recap
You know, I was kind of bored with last season, so I was not really excited about "cycle 4" of America's Next Top Model, but let me tell you, I think they have a great group of girls this time. But first things first, the episode started with 35 finalists gathering in L.A., and we get to see their "personalities" and also their "bodies" as they "model" and stuff. There are a few loonies, a few fugs, a few hotties--your usual mix. Strangely enough, Mary, the "other plus-size girl" and Tiffany, the anger-management-needing girl ("Skank ho spilled BEER on my WEAVE!"), both of whom were semifinalists last time, were back for more. So the 35 were narrowed down to 20, who were then told that only 14 of them get to be on the actual show. The good news is that the crazy-ass "Ladycat" did not make it to the final 14; the good-and-bad news is that Mary didn't make it either (she really wouldn't have a fair chance, but an agency needs to sign her soon). Oh, and Tiffany? She's apparently had some anger-management classes and appears to have her shit together. So before I begin my girl-by-girl analysis, let me note that at least two of the contestants are babymamas. Trend?

Brandy...has a crazy 'do and a totally exotic look. But she's 5' 8'', and I think that's a little short. classically beautiful with killer cheekbones, but a bit curvy (she'll get those "swimsuit" and "not runway" comments) and a bit old (25).

Brittany...the very, very hyper girl, is sure to drive me (and everyone else) nuts at some point. But she's got a killer body, and she's damn tall., again, a bit on the old side (24) and kind of nondescript. I can't even remember her from the show, and I think that's a bad sign.

Kahlen...has a fierce walk and possibly an edgy look. She's short (5' 8''), but I think she's going to be one of my favorites. I like the girls from middle America. from Compton, and even though she's young and has a great body, I got the impression from her interviews that she has grander aspirations than modeling (hello, Julie from last season). awesome (former gang member, currently a janitor), but I have a feeling her look is too edgy for the rest of the country. Which is too bad.

Michelle....the wrestler, looked like a big ol' bag of fug on the show, but check out the pictures of her on the website. Yikes. And she's young and tall. Definitely one to watch.

Naima...kind of came across as a big ol' flake, but she has one of those pan-ethnic looks that's all the rage nowadays, and I'll bet she has great range. short (5' 8'') and cute, but appears to have one look. Um, not so much..

Rebecca...unless she shows great range, is going to fall victim to the "too commercial" comment that has befallen so many contestants before her. Nice body, though, and she used to be a stewardess!

Sarah...should just skip the competition and go straight to Maxim. Seriously. I used to work there, and they'd love her. young, tall, and cute. Pretty eyes, too. I'm going to ignore the fact that she names Maxim as one of her favorite magazines.

Tiffany...needs some gentle coaxing so she doesn't totally lose her shit again, but who knows? She may have a chance.

Next week (um, or this week), they start out with the makeover episode, which should definitely spice things up. And I promise, my recap will be prompt this time.

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