Website of the week
Now that I spend much of my day writing about juniors clothing, I've started checking out the competition, like Delia*s. But a site that, strangely, I'd never heard of before was Hollister, an offshoot of Abercrombie & Fitch, geared toward a slightly younger (read: high school) customer. The clothes are in a similar vein to Abercrombie's (preppy but cool), but they're slightly trendier, and much cheaper (than I remember, at least--I haven't shopped in Abercrombie since high school). The site is pretty simple--you browse by sex, then by category (girls are Bettys), but it's well organized with a nice flash preview function. On my shopping list: I think cropped jeans are going to be huge this summer, and this Grandview Trouser Crop looks way more expensive than it is; the Bay Street embellished tee looks like the perfect going-out top for summer; for those who know me personally, I own about 10 of what my friends call "Cheryl tops," all of which resemble the Seascape lace babydoll (and, yeah, I'll probably buy this one too); the Jack Creek retro shorts are kind of silly but would make a great swimsuit coverup; and, as you know, I'm a sucker for butterflies, so of course I think this Hollister butterfly belt is super cute. So yeah, everything's cute...until you check out the size chart. Yikes. Well, you can always cut out the size tags, right? It's the price you must pay for cute, affordable clothes.

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