Random notes

1. While everyone has been calling for the head of Stefano Pilatti, Gucci's womenswear designer Frida Giannini has resigned, primarily because Gucci accessories maven Alessandra Facchinetti has been promoted to creative director of womenswear. Everyone thinks this is a good idea, as Giannini's first two collections have been rather lackluster whereas the accessories have been kicking ass; and, also, because a huge brand like Gucci needs a singular creative vision. So, it shall be interesting to see what happens.

2. On Sunday, the Times published this story on Mary-Kate chic, or "bobo" if you will. The story has turned out to be somewhat controversial, but I find it kind of interesting. It's the whole "Oh, I have so much money, so I'm going to start dressing like a pauper." WASPs have been doing it for ages, but I guess it's a new thing again because MK is technically nouveau riche. But, still, it will be interesting to see if any true trends stem from her style.

3. This morning, I shared a subway pole on the 2/3 with Tim Gunn, of Parsons and Project Runway fame! I was so excited! Let me tell you, he is one sharp-dressed man, and he smells like really expensive bath products. He also coughed, then said, "Excuse me" in a very polite manner. I refrained from saying, "Make it work."

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