America's Next Top Model season finale recap
Well, the good news about America's Next Top Model is that Keenyah didn't win--thankfully, she was the first to go in this final episode. Since Cover Girl is an obvious sponsor (and, well, because the winner becomes a Cover Girl), the girls--Keenyah, Kahlen, and Naima--had to do a combo Cover Girl TV ad and photo shoot. Naima finally discovered her personality and kind of cheesed up the whole thing, but since she appeared human for the first time in awhile, it went over well. Kahlen was her usual understated but bubbly self, and Keenyah was, in my eyes, so obnoxiously cocky, I don't think I could look at her performance objectively. And the judges felt similarly, so they got rid of her (after an annoying commercial-break cliffhanger, at which point I almost threw the box of pizza at my TV). The final competition was pretty straightforward: a runway walkoff between Naima and Kahlen, two great strutters. Honestly, I thought it was in the bag for Kahlen--she looked fierce, her body is hot hot hot, and her walk was en fuego. I thought Naima was diva-ing it a bit too much. And while the judges agreed that Kahlen had a better body of work (as we all know, she consistently took the best photos), they were obviously more impressed with Naima's 11th-hour appearance of a personality. Which brings me to the bad news: Naima won. And, yes, I am disappointed. But I am consoling myself with the fact that many of my previous favorites who didn't win--Elyse from season 1, Shandi from season 2, and Norelle from season 3--are finding plenty of work. So while next season we'll have to deal with Naima's sure-to-be-annoying "My life as a Cover Girl" spots, hopefully we'll see Kahlen working it in countless high fashion magazines. Which is what America's Next Top Model should be doing anyway, right?

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