I had a very Stella McCartney kind of day. First, I read that Ms. McCartney has signed a deal with H&M to do a 40-piece collection for fall, much in the vein of Karl Lagerfeld's. (You can read about it here.) This is great news (to me, at least), because I really think Stella is a talented designer--she knows how young women want to dress and what looks flattering on them. (If you don't believe me, try on a pair of her pants.) And I feel like she takes a lot of shit because she rose to the top very quickly, and because, well, she's Paul McCartney's daughter. So, anyway, this is very good news.

Inspired by this bit of info, I dragged MW to the brand spanking new Adidas store on Broadway at Houston. The Stella McCartney section is right in front, so I got to work right away. I tried on pretty much everything in the collection (except the shorts--I don't do shorts) and am very happy to report that it runs large, so I took a small or medium in everything (quite the opposite of Stella's actual collection, in which I require a 42 or 44). Everything is extremely flattering, and most of what I bought, I plan to wear outside of the gym (I did, however, buy a fabulous track pant with a built-in skirt thing that I plan on rocking for my hip-hop class). The stuff is a bit on the expensive side (mostly $50-$90), but it's all very soft and feminine for workout wear, and, hey, if it takes fancy gym clothes to get you to work out, so be it. You can check out the full collection here. As for the rest of the store, they don't really carry the fashion-y Adidas stuff--it's mostly shoes and workout clothes (and no Y-3, one of my favorite lines ever). But it's worth it for the Stella. MW talked me out of getting one of the tops, but I still dropped quite a wad. And, um, I might go back later to get that tank after all. (Shh, don't tell him.) As I kept telling MW, it's all limited edition! Great excuse, right?

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