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I love Gwen Stefani as much as the next girl. Well, okay, maybe not--I think Gwen is awesome. Coincidentally, I've been in the market for a new digital camera (I bet you know where this is going), as my current one is five years old and weighs about three pounds. So when I read about the limited-edition (yes, the words "limited-edition" are a surefire way to get my pulse racing) Harajuku Lovers camera she designed for HP, well, let's just say they had me at "Harajuku." I got my camera today in the mail, and it is so cute, I can't even begin to tell you. (MW just rolled his eyes and sighed.) The camera is tiny and metallic-ish blue, and it comes with all sorts of cute accessories, like a camera strap and bag, plus an exclusive DVD, which I haven't watched yet but apparently features a video and an interview with Gwen. So while these are all excellent selling points, the camera itself kicks ass. It has a 21x zoom, all manner of shooting modes, plus it can record video and sound as well as take photos. Which is a lot more than I can say for my circa-2000 Olympus. Yes, I'm going to look like a huge dork when I whip this thing out, but, hey, if it makes me a tenth as stylish as Gwen, I'll be a happy camper. Make that snapper.

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