Website of the week
Recently, while browsing through one of my favorite websites,, I realized that they no longer carry one of my favorite jewelry lines, Double Happiness. And I panicked. But then Google came to the rescue: Double Happiness has a very cute website, which you can shop from directly, but which also lists stores where you can buy their lovely semiprecious jewelry (amusingly enough, Girlshop is still listed there). As the line is somewhat small, shopping is quite simple: Start with top sellers, shop all 37 items, or check out the reasonably-priced, well stocked sample sale. I think this India necklace is one of the coolest ones I've ever seen, and it's on sale for $120 (it was $299)--an excellent deal. I also love this sexy serpentine Osiris necklace. And Double Happiness is still one of the best places for nicely updated chandelier earrings. You can read about the groovy ladies behind the company here, and doing so made me happy that I'll now be cutting out the middleman (i.e. Girlshop). There's nothing like getting your jewelry straight from the source.

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