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All of this info is a few days old, but I'm a bit behind on everything this week, so please bear with me. So, the big news is that Nordstrom bought a stake in Jeffrey, everyone's favorite Meatpacking District store (there's also one in Atlanta), while also hiring Jeffrey Kalinsky, the store's namesake, as a director of designer merchandising. This is seen as a move to up Nordstrom's role in the world of high fashion (to put them on par with, say, Neiman Marcus and Saks) while raising Kalinsky's profile--yay, everyone wins!

Speaking of Nordstrom...I read in this month's W that Nordstrom has long been interested in the Fifth Avenue Lord & Taylor space. Now, since my parent company, Federated, is finalizing their purchase of May department stores, the speculation, according to W, is that Federated is going to have to sell off Lord & Taylor to adhere to antitrust laws. In the process of unloading Lord & Taylor, they can sell that highly lucrative Fifth Avenue store to Nordstrom and voila! we get a Nordstrom in Manhattan. Now, this is all just speculation, but, still, I would be overjoyed if it were to happen.

Finally, I got an email today from Barneys announcing the arrival of the K-189/Co-op private label collaboration in the Co-op stores. For those of you who are out of the loop, Daryl K (who is one of my favorite designers and who has been making a long trek back from oblivion after the evil Pegasus Apparel Group ran her label into the ground) is resurrecting her lower-priced K-189 line as an exclusive collaboration with Barneys Co-op. So, yeah, now it's in stores. Buy all the size 8's and die, bitches.

One more thing: I will be out of town until Tuesday, so everything is going to be a bit out of whack for the next week or two (due to Labor Day weekend as well). Have a good weekend!

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