Website of the week
While I thoroughly enjoy surfing the web for new stuff to feature here at Cheryl Shops, I also like it when people send me suggestions. Sometimes these websites are not at all appropriate (Aboriginal art) or not in English (who knew I had so many fans in Germany?), but sometimes they kick ass. Such is the case with Feng Junk, a new accessories website that, in a word, rocks. Being a new site, Feng Junk has a limited but well-chosen selection of bags and jewelry from such designers as Andrea Brueckner, Dedemetal and Lauren Merkin, and as extra incentive to come back soon, there's a list of designers soon to be added to the site. But in the meantime, you can browse by designer or by category. See something you like? Create a profile, then save the item to your wish list. What's on mine? I've been lusting after this Andrea Brueckner saddle bag ever since I saw my former fave teen queen Lindsay Lohan carrying it. I love this tough-girl Double Bullet necklace from Dedemetal and this Tiered Trio necklace from Emory K. Holiday, a design team that's new to me. This Jessica bag is a recycled, environmentally friendly take on the Gucci horsebit hobo (without the logomania, of course). And I love the entire line of Kismet Jewelry, formerly a private-client business that's now gone public (I learned this from reading the designer blurb, another nice feature of the site). Now, here's the best part: Visit the site through 8/26 and get 25% off your purchase (plus free shipping) when you enter code 3daysale at checkout. But if you miss the sale, fret not: Enter code fall05 for 15% off and free shipping on orders over $150--just for Cheryl Shops readers. How can you thank me? Keep sending those tips!

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