Website of the week
New Yorkers pride themselves on their clothing. We think New Englanders are too preppy, West Coasters too casual, and everyone else in between too boring to matter. This may be because New York City is the fashion capital of the country, or it may be that most of us don't have fancy cars to drive around in, so we let our clothes speak for us instead. Regardless, we've got an attitude about our clothes. Which is why the blog Ugly Outfits New York is so entertaining -- it proves that not all New Yorkers are straight out of Vogue. A sort of anti-Sartorialist, the blog highlights fashion faux pas from unsightly undergarments (visible bras appears to be the writer's #1 pet peeve) to overexposed body parts to, well, simply hideous outfits.

And while having a laugh at the fashion-challenged might be a bit cruel, I'm actually more intrigued by people who are trying just a bit too hard--and failing--with their outfits. Take, for example, this anonymous lass, about whom the blogger succinctly commented, "I had a strange craving for tiramisu after I saw her." True, Ugly Outfits may not be as well written as, say, Go Fug Yourself, but its fashion victims are real people--not celebrities--and while their outfits are just as cringe-worthy, the simple setting works. And while the blog is best suited for a procrastination break at work, I'm going to check it on a regular basis--to make sure I don't end up on it.

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