Why I love Brooklyn, part 1
First of all, thanks to everyone who suggested places for me to shop/eat/drink in the nabe. I've been too busy unpacking to do any serious shopping, but hopefully I will have more time this weekend (I've already walked past Diane T, Dear Fieldbinder, and Bird, and I look forward to checking them out). Also, I am finding that restaurants are good and cheap! Anyway, so, I had to promise a bunch of people that I wouldn't turn into a "rah-rah Brooklynite" once I moved here, but as you can probably tell by the way this post is going, I can't contain myself. I love Brooklyn.

Case in point: This is my closet.

Now, I don't know if this picture really does it justice, but we have 11-foot ceilings in our bedroom, and the closet goes all the way to the top. (I am five-foot-seven and I have to stand on the step-stool to reach my shoes. Not that I'm complaining.) I have a crapload of clothes, and they fit in here comfortably, plus all the shelves and rods are adjustable, in case I need to reorganize. This closet is, literally, the size of the closets from my previous three Manhattan apartments put together. Um, not that I'm bragging.

Yay, Brooklyn!


Anonymous said...

i totally have closet envy!

Anonymous said...

If you're in Brooklyn, check out Butter on Atlantic, and c'mon down to Dumbo for Zoe!