Fall Shopping Guide: Short-Sleeve Coats
In spite of all the denials by delusional right-wing politicians, I think we can safely say that global warming is a certainty. Case in point: Yesterday was October 23rd, and the high in New York City was 78 degrees. And while I'm not the biggest fan of that bone-chilling winter weather, you have to admit that 70-degree weather in October is just plain wrong. So until Al Gore and the other world leaders (um, that would be everyone except our dear President) solve the problem, I introduce to you the short-sleeve coat. Yes, it's impractical--extra-long gloves and skillful layering are in order--but desperate times call for desperate measures.

To counteract the short sleeves, it helps to have a nice, thick, luxurious cashmere that will keep out the cold. This Marc Jacobs coat is cashmere and, for nearly $4k, you can rest assured that it's made from the good stuff.

At $1,300, this Stella McCartney coat seems like a veritable bargain in comparison, but I think the cut is even better--it looks cozy and chic, like an ultra-upscale version of a Mike & Chris hoodie.

Karoo Mark Eisen's swing coat
isn't a true short-sleeve style--I'd call it more of a three-quarter--but if you're more conservative with your coats, it's a slightly more practical way to wear the look.

Tibi is a label that I wish got more attention--the clothes are incredibly well-made for the price, and the styles are trendy without being derivative or fashion victim-y. I love the sleek, clean lines of this bell-sleeve coat, but it's roomy enough to fit the requisite chunky sweater underneath.

Calling Generra's short-sleeve coat, with its collarless style, bubble hem, and banded sleeves, a coat is, well, a bit of a stretch. But I think it looks incredibly modern, and the price is right.

But while modern is always appealing, I have a soft spot for retro too. LaROK's Marlena coat looks like something Mia Farrow would've worn in the '60s, but the shape is current enough to work right now too.

If you're still not sure about the whole short-sleeve thing, you can always hit the juniors department for a bargain. This babydoll coat looks basic at first glance, but it has metallic thread for a subtle sparkle, perfect for night.

Topshop has a number of short-sleeve styles, but I like the military-trench-coat styling of this one.

Of course, there's the coat that started my obsession, this belted version from Simply Vera Wang. Of course, it's sold out in the smaller sizes, but word on the street is that her next line will not be cut so generously. Then again, hopefully by next year the weather will be back to normal and you'll need a proper coat.

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