New @ Cheryl Shops
In honor of Cheryl Shops' four-year anniversary (yes, this blog is four years old now--for a good time, check out the archive at the right), I decided to update the sidebar. Gone are the non-functioning links (um, how long has Shop Etc. been out of business?); I've added links to lots more blogs, so check them out when you get a chance. I also updated the "recommended shopping" links--these are all sites where I shop, and I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't like them--so please click on 'em and buy a lot of stuff. Cheryl Shops appreciates your financial support. A special shout-out to new advertisers, Banana Republic,,, and my new favorite shoe site, Piperlime (they're currently having a fabulous sale).

In other exciting news, I am hard at work on the Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide; I'll start posting it tonight at the earliest or Thursday night at the latest. I'm very excited with what I've put together so far, so even though I already blew my fall budget in France, I might have to indulge in some of my finds. As always, the shopping guide will feature looks in three different price points, so whether you're a penny-pincher or a maxer-outer, there will be something for you! So come back soon and check it out!

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