America's Next Top Model: the most disappointing makeover episode ever
Is it me or did the makeover episode of last night's America's Next Top Model kind of suck? It seemed like a third of the girls had very little done to them; a third went short; and a third got weaves. And with the exception of Bianca's silent, stoic tears, there was no crying and no drama! Everyone was all, "I love my hair!" Bo-ring! I will admit, I love Chantal's bangs--if my hair looked like that, I would be an incredibly happy girl. I think darker hair was definitely a smart choice for Janet, although her days are clearly numbered, since the judges already think she's too "men's magazine." While I was a bit nervous about cutting Sarah's hair short, I think it does make her look better and more distinctive. And Heather, hello, she's so perfect as she is, they didn't have to do anything to her! But that's where the good ends. Bianca does look better with a shaved head, but that wig they gave her is atrocious. I don't understand what they did to Lisa's hair. At all. Saleisha looks like Tootie. Ebony is too wrecked for me to fully appreciate what they did for her. And Ambreal...I keep forgetting who she is anyway. As for poor, poor Jenah, her weave is already out of control, and the platinum hue brings out the redness in her skin; did ANTM not learn its lesson from Brittany last cycle?

And then there's Victoria, who was the first anecdote of the show...and thus obviously the girl who would be going home. (Note to ANTM producers: You need to get more creative with the editing. You're giving it away.) As much as I loved her for standing up to Twiggy's b.s., I was starting to loathe her whole, "I'm not a model! I don't know how to do my makeup! I'm just a nerd from Yale!" schtick. You can tell that Victoria is an overachiever who's used to winning, and I'm sure it pained her to suck at modeling; at the end of the episode, she seemed like the happiest girl ever to get kicked off the show.

Next week, the girls do some bizarre photo shoot, and there had better be tears this time!

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