This week's big, big masstige news is that Isaac Mizrahi is leaving Target to become the designer for Liz Claiborne. This is good news for the fortysomething Claiborne customer--the formidable company has been lacking direction in recent years and was dropped from Macy's, which was a huge blow--but marks the end of an era for Target, since Mizrahi was the first designer to really kick off Target's mass-market/designer collaborations. Also, Mizrahi's line generates $300 million a year for Target; apparently Claiborne, having recently sold off C&C California and a lot of its other labels, has deeper pockets. But fret not, Target fans--the Isaac Mizrahi line will be in stores through the end of this year.

In other Target news, the latest rumored Go International designer is Scot Jonathan Saunders, who apparently recently had an outstanding line for Topshop. Target has yet to confirm, but these rumors are usually pretty accurate, so one would assume his collection would hit sometime in late summer, after Jovovich-Hawk and Rogan Gregory.

And speaking of Jovovich-Hawk, the latest word is that their Go International collection will hit Target stores on March 2 (my birthday!). Sally Jane Vintage posted a scan from this month's Harper's Bazaar with a little preview; as soon as more images are available, I'll post them here.

And, finally, in celebrity masstige news, Natalie Portman has designed a limited-edition collection of vegan shoes for Te Casan; they're now available for pre-order. I can commiserate with her plight--when it comes to ethical footwear, there's the frumpy MooShoes and the pricey Stella McCartney and not much in between. My opinon? You can get more stylish vegan shoes from the Abaete for Payless line--for much less.

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